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July 01, 2014


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Mongiardo's comments are noble and shows he has a deeper concern about our State in and out conus..but he still must find a way to bring in the money needed to stay competitive in a year where the nations eyes are gonna be on Kentucky. Its gonna be exiting!

Jack Conway has been the pick of the "establishment" in Kentucky since, well, forever. Daniel has been a true Kentuckian who has struck a delicate balance between the strong tenants of the democratic party, and the more important needs of the people he wishes to govern. That, I believe, is why he is the better overall candidate for governor. We don't need a yes man in the capital in Frankfort....we need someone with a backbone.

With health care continuing to be a huge issue for Kentuckians and with the early implementations of the Affordable Care act....it would be nice to have a DOCTOR setting in the executive chair in Frankfort.

James Comer has said virtually the same thing on the republican side.

The Lex Herald says: ..." Comer has long insisted that he wouldn't enter the race before November, warning that to do so would distract from Republican efforts to win control of the state House in November for the first time in nearly a century."

Lexington Herald reported today that Despite telling Allison Grimes he would avoid any serious fundraising with any expectations.... on June 30 Gov. candidate and State AG Conway did exactly that, emailing his supporters stating that they were "$3441 from their goal" Grimes was not happy, as she stated, " Why didn't he wait until Fancy Farm". So much for unity.lol This should come as no surprise, as Conway already broke one promise when he refused to defend his state against a Federal Judge.

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