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April 02, 2010


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I love these guys and wish they would stay another year, but the problem with most of these guys is that they're only playing in college because they HAVE to. Now a days any 19 year old HS star who has the fortune of playing in the Mickey D's all american game, or any postseason game for that matter, or has a ranking coming out of HS, thinks he is ready for the NBA (judging by the New Jersy Nets, he may be right). We need talented players who are willing to spend 4 years in college...period. Think that won't win a championship...look at Duke.

"...if Tubby Smith would have had this team we would have been hanging another banner next week in rafters of Rupp."

The key is--Tubby Smith would never have this team--he could not get high level recruits to commit.

Its all Xs and Os in the Final 4 and beyond. Calipari is no Xs and Os coach.

I agree that tubby couldn't recruit, but he did control his players..maybe a little to much, but he had control. Coach Cal doesn't seem to control what goes on on the floor. Talent wins games, but leadership wins championships.

As a die hard UK fan, I completely agree. Yes, we had the most talent in the country, but isnt there a such thing as TOO much talent? And James you said it best....Talent wins games but leadership wins Championships. Doesn't it bother big blue fans that we will not have a senior night for years? It may sound stupid BUT thats experience that we will not have. As long as we keep recruiting the Walls, the Cousins, the Bledsoes. We need the Tony Delks, the Jeff Sheppards, the Cameron Mills. Guys that will teach these new recruits the fundamentals of college ball. Guys that will stay so the coach doesnt have to waste valuable practice time teaching the same stuff over and over. As a true Blue fan it hurts to say but I dont think we will be raising any banners in Rupp for some time.

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