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February 08, 2009


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So... What does opposing gay marriage make you?

Mostly it is a religious thing. But no one is talking about Mongiardo standing up for domestic partner benefits when he was one of only a few in the state senate that had guts enough to stand up.

I agree. Support for traditional marriage is about the stability of families - not hatred of gays. I have long supported protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination in employment and housing, vigorous prosecutions of crimes of violence against gays (and of course, anyone else) and increased funding for AIDS research.

Unfortunately, over the last 15 years or so, the gay movement has become increasing intolerant of anyone who refuses to endorse 100% of their agenda. And yelling bigot at the majority of the public who oppose gay marriage (while supporting fair treatment of gay individuals) isn't exactly the way to win friends and influence people.

The strong arm tactics of the gay activists helped pass the same sex marriage bans in Florida and California which I might add were strongly supported by African American and Hispanic Democrats.

Among-st all the BS in "some of my best friends are gay" comments, is one little pearl of truth.

"Mostly this is a religious thing."

Forget about the U.S. Constitution, let us use religious rhetoric to guide us.

Thanks for this post. I am the one that was so vilified for his post on that at BGR. They set their little band of disciples after me, real tough guys all!! Jake and Joe are real tough behind their keyboards, but real stupid everywhere else. Now I know why Ben had the good sense to get Joe and his poison off BGR.

If they think they are winning anything on this issue in Kentucky, they are far more stupid than they sound!!

Thanks for the defense!!

Look, if Dan Mongiardo is opposed to gay marriage, civil unions or whatever you want to call it, fine. MAN UP and OWN UP to it... what pisses me off to no end is how he is running and hiding from his past; constantly deleting comments to his facebook page that support his actions to prevent gay civil unions. One poor woman posted three times in *support* of Dan. But I guess he thinks it will alienate (HA!) the gay vote against him.

Newsflash: Dan, you're not going to get the gay vote, so you might as well just stand by your values. What we're witnessing is the most opportunistic and craven political machinations ever.

I put BGR back in the links. Page One will never be linked here again.

I was merely trying to point out that no candidate for that seat is going to openly support Gay Marriage.

I agree that it was disgusting for Mongiardo to sponsor the bill he co-sponsored. As far as Gay Marriage or Civil Unions I have no problem with it personally at all and never have.

I disagree with mongiardo on that one, but there are a whole lot of issues i do agree with him on. I certainly believe he would be a whole lot better than Bunning or Grayson.

if he is the nominee he will get every ounce of support i can muster, as i will for any of our other candidates. Anyone who thinks mongiardo is as bad as Bunning is seriously misled.

It is sad the lengths they will go to just as you said spread hate and demonize and distort anything anyone says that doesn't agree with them. plus, i think joe is still in the middle of his hissy fit and will do anything to crash BGR. it all reeks of severe insecurity of being basically irrelevant. or perhaps someone wounded their inner child. jake is just as bad and i have always found pageone to be quite boring and uninformative.

By the way, I liked your songs shack.

rdemocrat wants to use the excuse that because its a religious issue, it didn't matter that a DEMOCRAT co-sponsored legislation to REMOVE civil rights from people. it's all about the stability of marriage of one man and one woman. why, because a book that was written by men, its content voted on by men for a time, place, and region dominated by men said so? give me a freaking break.

banning two people who love each other doesn't harm people currently married. sen. neal told our class he taught years ago that he was still trying to figure out how gay marriage affected his marriage. you want to protect the sanctity of marriage? BAN DIVORCE. homosexuals in committed longterm relationships have successfully raised "normal" (whatever that means) heterosexual children just as well as other couples.

hey, lets say a democrat who wants to achieve a higher federal office proposed a constitutional amendment to return black people to second class citizen status. the same thing applies from what you said earlier. this is a majority white state who only likes black people more than gays. by your logic rdemocrat, we should support the democrat against the republican simply because they are a democrat.

Did you not read my comment?? I made it perfectly clear that I do support gay rights of all kinds up to and including marriage or civil unions.

What I am trying to point out that nobody seems to want to acknowledge is that this is a Bible Belt state, Gay marriage lost here on the ballot by 50% and any candidate we have that was to come out in support of it would poison their campaign. I don't like it any more than you but it is true.

Mongiardo agrees with me on much more than he disagrees with me on, and in Kentucky a lot of the time that is all a Progressive can hope for. Yarmuth can get away with it because he is from a Progressive district, Louisville. In rural areas Democrats aren't that lucky.

If you actually think that Bunning, Grayson, or Whitfield or whichever Repug runs for that seat is better than Mongiardo by all means vote for that Republican. It is your right.

As for me, I WILL vote for Mongiardo if he wins the primary but as I have stated have not made up my mind on the primary as nobody but Mongiardo has even announced.

One thing you are wrong on is that Mongiardo DID NOT co-sponsor legislation to REMOVE civil rights from gays. As far as I know gay marriage HAS NEVER been legal in Kentucky. Correct me if I am wrong.

Just so you know, I was in the 25% that voted FOR gay rights in 04. And whether you like the truth or not, most Kentuckians don't support gay marriage on religious grounds. I did not make that happen, can't you folks get that through your thick skulls!!??

Besides, disagreeing with me is one thing, but I have been called a homophobe, a racist, and idiot, and a stupid MF over this crap. I am none of the above, except my girlfriend is a mother so count me in on the last one!!

Gay marriage lost here on the ballot by 50% and any candidate we have that was to come out in support of it would poison their campaign.

What about Mongiardo's pusillanimous hypocrisy, fearful that coming out AGAINST it would poison his campaign?

I fail to see why I as a Democrat should vote for the guy with a D behind his name if I find him repugnant. Mongiardo not only sponsored the bill, (and he didn't have to, apparently he did it to quiet the whispers about him liking eyeliner) he's also a supporter of Mountain Top Removal.

Someone please explain to me how anyone that refers to himself as Progressive can openly support, and essentially ask others to support, a candidate that is anti-environment (and we're talking about tearing down mountains and poisoning people, not just forgetting to recycle) and that puts his name on something that 30 years from now will be looked at with shame.

Please, please, please tell me why I or any Democrat should vote for Mongiardo.

And on another note; "i think joe is still in the middle of his hissy fit and will do anything to crash BGR. it all reeks of severe insecurity of being basically irrelevant".

Joe moved to a real city and got a job making a difference, a job that pays handsomely. I think he is one of the least irrelevant bloggers talking about KY politics. He's obviously making an impact here.

Well, I guess that is for each individual voter to decide. My advice to you is to work like hell for another candidate that runs in the primary against Mongiardo. Donate every possible penney you have to another candidate to ensure Mongiardo is not nominated.

If he is not nominated, then we will not have to worry about it will we?? Pointing out that Mongiardo agrees with me on a lot more than he doesn't in no way makes me a homophobe. It doesn't make me an idiot, a liar, or racist either.

I like Dan Mongiardo, I will admit. I like others who may run too. Mongiardo took time out to talk personally to me when as some folks put it, I was faking helping Heather Ryan to talk to me about an issue that means a whole lot to me. HEALTHCARE.

I found him very knowledgable on the issue, and very committed to insuring that some 50 million Americans who desperately need healthcare and can't afford it get it.

Now, between my Type 1 Diabetes, and my girlfriend's conditions we spend more a month on medicine than we do on our house note, and our car insurance combined. Forgive the hell out of me for being more concerned about that than gay marriage, and for not throwing Mongiardo under the bus over one issue.

If I so offended you and everyone else at BGR then you don't have to worry. I took myself off of that blog. Yourself, Joe and Jake can form a circle jerk and demonize anyone that does not agree with your views on everything and run off what few readers are left over there as far as I am concerned.

You learn quickly on the blogs who is serious, and who is full of crap. Myself and Shack don't agree with each other on every single issue, and I don't agree with Jim Pence on everything. However, we can sit and talk to each other explain our positions and have a civil discussion agreeing to disagree without calling each other names like a bunch of spoiled rotten children.

If Mongiardo wins the primary, vote for Bunning, Grayson, or Whitfield if you must and see just how far gay rights are advanced with them in Washington.

Being a woman I really don't have anything to "jerk". And Mongiardo put himself under the bus when he sponsored the marriage bill and when he publicly supported MTR.

My FB status today was: "Marcie is trying to figure out what to do about her sick child and no health insurance. Move to Canada?" so I understand health care needs, but I don't put that above my morals and my caring for other people's civil rights or my caring for the health and safety of a part of our state that gets shit on more than you can imagine.

I hope like hell there is a better candidate, but if there isn't I won't vote for Mongiardo because I can't put aside everything I believe in just to get a so-called Dem in office.

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