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January 04, 2009


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Good interview Shack. What do you talk about in the other interviews?

Thanks - we are trying to a better at this.

I will post the subjects of our interviews to come later in the day or early next week.

Hi Cousin :)
Nicely done and done well.
Many of the coal miners like my family who were miners from way back need to hear it all.You are bringing Radio back to the Mountains and everywhere in Kentucky and all over.
Great topics and you were made to do this.
I also think you should also do some stuff on the Indian Views as well and more about the Cherokee / Shawnee Tribes because they lived together and were mixed way before the Trail Of Tears, there as well. People like to hear about thier Heritage as well as the coal mineing situation.In other words all topics are at your disposal.But keep up the Great work.
Melanie Marie Shifflett Ridner from Hamilton , Ohio.

As they say coal keeps the lights on!

if we wacky environmentalists are waging a war against coal, it's only because we realize that coal is eventually going to be the death of eastern kentucky.

it's a fact that our cancer rates are higher. it's a fact that, while the selling cost of coal has skyrocketed in recent years, miners only make on average, about 25 cents an hour more than they did 20 years ago. it's a fact that coal will eventually run out (scientists predict that'll happen here within the next 50 years, not 100 years from now like coal companies say), and when that happens, we'll be left with nothing because coal companies will have destroyed our natural beauty to save a buck.

i don't understand why people in eastern kentucky are so fiercely loyal to an industry -- AN INDUSTRY -- over the well-being of our people.

Because that industry pays the damn bills and feeds the kids.

"Knows a little" certainly lives up to his name. He obviously knows very little. And isn't afraid to prove it by posting here.

Nice interview. May I respectfully request that you not put all the ID tags throughout the interview, though?

92% of Ky's electricity comes from coal!

who r u calling a p head? BN

Nice Try. Yep BN

Nobody, trust me.

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