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October 15, 2008


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I've heard some people say that some Native American tribes descend from a lost tribe of Israel or something like that. What's your opinion?

I can't believe that this is what I found when I stumbled on this site.
As a rural democrat, could you please refrain from flying under our banner and spouting Mormon beliefs.

My blog, my opinion.

I so Loved this piece that was e-mailed to me.
In school I had a very wise lady from the Hills of Kentucky born and bred. She taught all of us that we all believe in one supreme being , around the world ,no matter what name they choose to use. Bertha Krieder was her name. She also said men could not live without War also.That was in 1960 and everything she has taught many of us is comming true today. The Indians were here first and many travelers were around as well. What you say makes so much sense for all. I find this an Historical and well wrote and Educated write and the author well versed in all that has been discovered and wrote about. For many years people from the Hills of Virginia, clear to the Hills Kentucky and many other Hill region and Appalachians were treated as a stay away people. Dark , mean . They were rough , strong and set in all thier ways , but the also had thier religion and beliefs as well. They were Indian mixtures first and then white mixtures as well.You were poor and many children , but yet so many survived all that they went through. If they had not we would not be here today. As for Moorman Beliefs as one person said , ignorantly, all religions started somewhere and like most things and people lived and moved around and developed by themselves , but we all no matter what Religion do believe in one Supreme Being the World around.
Thank you Author for this Great Piece you have wrote.
Mrs. Bertha Krieder also went through World War One and said that she hoped when the biggest war came that she hoped for all our sakes we would be peaceably gone from this earth as this would be so dissaterous for all mankind because of his waring ways and she prayed we did not live to see it in our time.

Shack has the right to write what he wants. I don't agree with him at all but this thread is very interesting. Good job Shack

Haha - what? Calling him a Mormon for repeating what everyone from Eastern Kentucky already knows and has heard for decades? Give me a break.

This is a great story.

Are you serious? This is amazing! I beleive you, i think that something is happening too! But... i think i was... oh it sounds silly, but i think God intended me to save the world. In the bible, it talks about the end of the world, and that some where in there it talks about earth quakes. What i think it really means is that the world would almost split apart!!! As in, lots of peices. But, i think was born to stop it from splitting entirely. It sound crazy, but i had a vision! i can have visions with this one friend of mine, and i can talk to animals! It's all true, I SWEAR!!! please e-mail me back, i need to tell you more!

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