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October 12, 2008


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I commend you on your work to protect your heritage. A question though: I've always had the sense that native americans and archeologists go together like oil and water. Then I read several volumes of Michael and Kathleen Gear's fictional narratives of native american life. These are usually preluded by a very brief story of archeologists seeking to understand native life. The Gears portray the relations between natives and archeologists as very sympathetic and warm.

That's a long way of setting up the following question: what's your take on archeology and the heritage you seek to protect?

They must coexist, there is no choice.

If we find a way to work together we will do great things. We have quite an army of Indian people in SEKY. As the archaeological community, the bad apples in that community, realize they will have to deal with a large population of Indians they will do two things; stay out or do it right. But Kentucky's archaeological authority are some good guys and gals, they want to do the right thing.

As more Indian people, the ones who are actually Indian and actually do the right thing and those sympathetic to the Indian cause take their places in positions of leadership in their communities, things will get better in that regard. But tensions exist and those tensions run deep and die hard.

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