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June 22, 2008


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This is an excellent write, thank you.

As to MODERATES . . . what is it,in your opinion . . . that would hit the HOT BUTTON of the MODERATES?

I might suggest:

There has been no single devise issue that has made a regular appearance in the media. The same old same old seems to be a re-hatch from others that ran against Lunsford.

You can thank the media also, so far in the month of May there was only 121 minutes of coverage on Iraq.

The story shifted too much, to the Primaries. In May of 07 there were 1,123 minutes. You figure it . . . .?

If there were a way to ignite a real issue and in a reasonable way, perhaps that would sway the MODERATES and some GOP. Could more ads about MITCH and the MONEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

Unfortunately for Lunsford, for the exception of the major population centers, Obama is not likely to carry Kentucky. And, maybe that would impact Lunsford?

So far this has been a relatively dull campaign.

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