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May 08, 2008


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Tuesday in Frankfort; Legislative ethics Commission conducting a hearing on Richards, Stumbo and Stein.

Interesting, it must be one of those ranting nutcases that filed the complaint. If there really is a complaint it will die a quick death. Maybe thats why the press hasnt touched it. The stank.

Sorry, you have me confused with your wife who caught that bad case of microscopic critters when she was performing "lounge services" in the legislative lounge in Frankfort. That kind of "stank" is impossible to eradicate.

Are you saying there is no one in the house of representatives that can stop Stumbo?

The house of representatives are just a bunch of cows according to Stumbo. LMFAO!

Richards has to go. It's way past time.

I agree that Richards needs to be replaced. But do we really want Stumbo in a position of power?

Stumbo will be speaker if Stumbo wants to be speaker. If he gets his ass kicked trying would be bad for him. I think he will in the leadership but where?

If the Democrats in the House choose as one of their leaders a man who reacted to the mother of his illegitimate child seeing back child support from him by suing her for harassment and defamation, there is no hope for them.

Stumbo should be relegated to the back row of the House chambers, not given a position of power and leadership. The "man" is a disgusting, vile, power-hungry subhuman scum sucker.

Beshear wants: CASINOS
Beshear supports: NRA
Beshear sung in a church choir.
To sum up Beshear, he is gambling, gun-toting choir-boy. And this is what KY chose for gov. I have switched to conservative becasue of this man.

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