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April 29, 2008


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"Bruce Lunsford, the presumptive Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate"

What are you smoking Shack! Fischer is making his move just as planned. You and you little pal Jacob will be eatng crow a day after election day.

uggg! Making his move? Yea back to stuffing chips in vending machines.

This poll indicates why the inventor and businessman, Greg Fischer should be the Democrat who takes on Mitch McConnell in November.

I am no Lunsford fan, but I have resigned myself to voting for him this fall.

??? "Fischer is making his move just as planned" ???

I can't believe everything is going the way Greg Fisher planned... You can't be as successful a business man as he is and be that clueless. Fisher's "move" will have him peaking about March 2008. He miscalculated how unpopular Lundsford is and how hard it would be to raise money. He waited too long to get started campaigning and his media looks childish.

If this is really is the plan then whoever came up with it for him should be sued for malpractice.

So the Fischer campaign cant run a real campaign an actually be effective so now lets see what they're doing
1)being jack-asses
2)preforming the biggest damn armature hour ever
3)Campaigning for Mitch
4)Ruining Any chance Greg has of a political career

You only need 1

1)Fischer is a plant for uncle Mitch

Mr. Shackleford, you need to wait until after the Democratic Senate Primary.

It is obvious that you have some bias toward your friend Bruce. However, we are having a primary where Fischer has the opportunity to win the Primary.

Greg Fischer is a brilliant young man and should not be discounted.

Anyway, we Democratic candidates for the Senate that have been out campaigning (I still haven't seen the Democrat David L. Williams on the campaign trail, but I have seen the rest) have all been slammin' "Mitch's" sorry voting record on all issues. Basically, we are somewhat a team. I slam Mitch to my audiences, Wylie slams Mitch, Rice slams Mitch, Cassaro slams Mitch, Fischer slams Mitch and Lunsford slams Mitch. That all helps the eventual Democratic candidate in the fall, as Mitch's support continues to erode as he has eight candidates (7 Democrats and Mr. Esseck the Republican) out here in the campaign hustings attacking Mitch's record). I was in a six-man Congressional primary once, and the millionaire was the winner. Maybe the people in the trailer parks and on SSI and Social Security, and on fixed incomes feel most comfortable being represented by a millionaire. Time will tell. Kenneth Stepp, a Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate.

Stepp would make a wonderful representative for the people of kentucky. A man who knows the average tax paying working man.

I had considered voting for Stepp, but I'm just tired of him slamming folks in trailer parks. Snobish shit that.

I may not be the sharpest nail in the fence, but how is hoping to get good voters from all areas being snobbish? I felt as though Stepp was honoring people who work hard and do not have silver spoons in their pantry. LORD help us, it is the other candidates who salute the wealthy. We need a man who will help our people, whether they live in a trailor park or Park Place!

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