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April 02, 2008


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Richards, who said he "absolutely" will run again next year for the House's top position, said he was not concerned that Stumbo went to Senate Republican leadership instead of House Democratic leadership to revive the projects.

He said Stumbo told him he met with Williams after the meeting.

From Pol Watchers

We need someone like Dr Roselle to run the Communist Wealth of Kentucky. Once David fired all of the point shaving Adolph Rupp gambling mobsters from UK, the Budget of UK improved. David Roselle’s tenure as President at Delaware was marked by aggressive fund-raising campaigns and an increase in fiscal discipline. Through privatizing many services and other cost-cutting measures, he cut the University’s annual budget by $32 million and eliminated the school’s $8 million annual deficit. Under Roselle’s leadership, the university’s endowment more than tripled from $362 million when he took office in 1990 to over $1.4 billion in 2006. Time for fiscal discipline enforced by real math.

Stumbo walked in with nothing and walked out with a deal, coal severance projects are back on for this year. Richards has lost every single time but Stumbo will win a few.

Roselle is the absolute LAST thing we need back in Kentucky. Good riddance to him, I say.

No Name 10:00PM say hello to higher taxes, and DR. Roselle said," See ya later, never mind I cleaned up UK the largest money bucket in the World". By the way who took Bradley's entrance exam? Must have been you No Name 10:00 PM.

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