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April 01, 2008


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Given the choice between Stumbo and Richards, I'll take Stumbo every time.


A couple of updates on my blog this morning... the CJ and KYProgress are confirming most of what I wrote last night. Hold on to your hats, Greg Stumbo is back.

Greg Stumbo is an ethical sleaze bag with a closet full of skeletons. Maybe his coup will give others a chance to take him down. I hope so.

I spoke with Governor Patton the other day, and he mentioned that dispersing the funds through GOLD was actually a better way of doing it. It removes the ridiculous pork that these funds have become.

Jody Richards' ouster will knock Harry Moberly out, too. And these guys aren't going to be content to sit on the front row and take directions. Expect some special elections.

No one is knocking Moberly out until he's ready to go. Moberly understands political reality. Like him or not he is an effective legislator because he knows how to make do with what he has. The Senate wouldn't raise any additional revenues--I'm not sure that's a bad thing; maybe we should see what belt-tightening could do--but Moberly had to face the reality of that whether he liked it or not.

Moberly has a better chance becoming the house leader than Stumbo. Remind me in a couple of weeks to tell you why. LOL

A new world order is coming. People are fed up with all the bull s---. Rick nelson will be a strong candidate. Not Moberly, Stumbo, or Richards. The time has come. The people are getting restless.

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