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April 25, 2008


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he might be in the low 20's by August

I updated my link a little bit ago. Not sure why Heeb hasn't.

Just think Bush is at 35% in Kentukcy and Beshear is at 38%. It took Bush eight years and Beshear four months.

I be this some kind of record. Has any Governor in the history of Kentucky gotten such low marks so quickly?

What a shame the Democratic party has wasted this opportunity on such a retread.

It is gonna be a long four years.

Beshear is an arrogant jerk which will make a comeback that much harder. He's really a very un-likeable SOB.

It is one of the mysteries of life. Politics.
John Adams was once called an irresponsible hermaphrodite. We can not repeat what names were associated with the slightly known Lincoln. Before all this fun is over, Beshear will rise up from the funny name pile and be one of the best loved gov's. I will however bet the Derby winner money that George Bush will be forever known as the worst leader in world history. Even worse than Hitler or Stalin. He seems to hate the middle class, a.k.a slave state. And like Uncle Joe Stalin, Bush loves to steam role over those who can not take care of themselves.

Thank you Jane. Now be gone to play with your horses.

Steve had to deal with the mess Ernie left him. Weak leadership by Jody and bitter feelings from Jody on losing the Gov. race only made things harder. Plus you have David " the bully from Burksville" Williams under mining everything positive. Beshear will reqroup and turn things around by 2010.

To my friend Steve:

This reminds me of a story I was once told about a young boy's determination. This old gentleman walks up on a boy in a barn digging in a large pile of horse crap. The old man ask , what on earth are you doing young man?
The young man answers . With all this horse crap there has to be a pony in here somewhere and I am not giving up until I find it. The old man walked off without saying a word only to pass the young man weeks later .The young man had a large smile and was walking a fine looking pony.


UD must stand for Ultimate Dumbass. Beshear doesn't have the political skills to turn things around and his staff is too self-serving to help. Plus, Cauley is dumber than a bag of rocks.

1:08 Cauley IS the chief of staff. Pretty good job. What about you 1:08 ? I am quessing a small timer!!!!!!!


Cauley IS the chief of staff. BFD George Bush IS President and that SOB was elected and can't be fired. Beshear is one term.

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