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April 16, 2008


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Recovery will be a miracle and unless DR DAN steps up or is allowed to step up this admin will be set up perfectly for the worse gov in modern history award. That is wag talk from the hallway bums.

Zero Team Work, Zero Team Effort. One Big Zero for Kentucky Democrats which have elected all those in office. Republicans are a "Big Time Minority" in the Communist Wealth Of Kentucky. The entire Legislature of the Communist Wealth Of Kentucky needs to go home and stay home. The current status quo has existed for over 200 years. GO BIG BLUE. WE ARE MILES AHEAD. UNBRIDLED SPIRIT. Kentucky Always Divided, Never United, can not Stand still crawling on the Floor.

How does Beshear recover if he needs to recover so bad? The only way to regain any respect is to give in to the demands of Williams and crew and that will get him nothing in the house. If he joins the club in the house he is a partisan gov and Williams shuts him down for good. There is no chance to recover just maintain and hope Conway does not run against him!

It's a mess. The writing was on the wall when Beshear refused to lead on the McConnell race. He campaigned on bringing dems together to beat McConnell and then was to chicken shit to sit everyone down and try to come up with a consensus candidate. Horne told everyone who would listen that he would follow the lead of the governor and then Beshear throws him under the bus. After that the Marine is still the only person who seems to be sincere about uniting the party to beat McConnell. WTF? Talk about a voice in the wilderness!

It is his antiquated style. He is of the old school, beat your shoe on the table and walla, success! Not so fast, times have changed and the title of governor gets you nothing. $7 million dollars spent for this, seems a waste to me.

What John Y Brown Jr. said.

1:19--you nailed it. Secondly, all his political posturing in other races. He needs to be the damn GOVERNOR and stay out of other races. He went into the tank over Senate 30, and he's going to get flushed over the US Senate race if he doesn't stay out of it. Just be the damn governor. If he has any sense at all he will formulate a modest agenda, no fricking casinos or anything else which will get him blown out of the w ater, and push his modest proposals through both houses. Or he won't be around another term to try anything bold. If he plays his cards right and leads, he could make this situation work right by taking leadership and forcing efficiency. Then he did the "impossible" and regains some ground.

What did John Y say?

John Y said he would have nothing to do with this administration and was the only previous governor who didn't show up at the inauguration. He said he had no respect for Beshear.

Thank you Bulletbob for that evaluation. I would have never known mrs Phyllis Brown felt that way.

In today's HL he speaks of the possibility of calling a special session to deal with the pension problem "if they can get their acts together," referring to the GA. Apparently he is incapable of learning, so I really don't have any hopes of him getting anywhere. Why taunt them before you even call them back?

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