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April 03, 2008


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This is just about the dumbest move the party has ever made in an election, but whaddaya gonna do? I'll vote for the prick, but that's it. Alot of Dems won't.

Many progressive Democrats are simply shattered by consistently being forced into the position of some revolting compromise. Allowing ourselves to lend support, and eventually be duped , by candidates who never stand and deliver has gotten egregiously monotonous.

Andrew Horne has turned out to be yet another disastrous choice who ran to the front of the parade and pretended to lead. He, and many of those who promoted his candidacy, now ask us to support a turncoat like Bruce Lunsford. Many of us reject this obnoxious suggestion out of hand.

We much prefer to allow a Mitch McConnell to remain as the minority leader of a failed, and disgraced party.

I agree with 10:34 but I understand the lesser of the two evils question. Lunsford before Mitch the Bitch.

A whole big lot of us are going to follow Lou
Dobbs of CNN and become Independents. The time has come. Both partys have proven that they can not do anything right anymore. They don't have the testicles to increase taxes on cigarettes, but they can give money to the big companies. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, if we don't bail out the big companies, none of us would have a job, and we should all be glad that the C.E.O.s of some of these big companies should get billion dollar bonuses even if their compnaies loose money.

Obama on the ballot will really help Lunsford...NOT.

Obama and Hillary driving out the vote helps the person with the most name ID. 40% of the voters won't know who they are voting for until they walk in the door and they will pick a name they know. How do you think David Williams won the primary for Ag Comm last year?

Before it became unfashionable to use sexist remarks, we had a healthy disrespect for a man who was ‘pussy whipped’. Everyone knew he wanted it so damn bad, he’d sell his soul for it. Today the whole damn democratic party seems to be ‘whipped‘. We want that win so damn bad, we will ignore all principles, and vote for any yeller dawg that claims to be a D.

No disrespect for women intend here, but one hell of a lot of contempt for unprincipled, myopic democrats who badmouth real democrats (Beshear, Chandler, Reid, Pelosi, etc. ) for being ‘weak”, or “inept” , and then fall in line like a pack of hounds following a bitch in heat simply to get that win.

Party insiders have 81% of Americans totally dissatisfied with the direction this country is headed (Cheney says: SO!) This applies to both parties, if haven’t realized by now. Democrats should be told loud and clear, “We gave you the vote, we don’t like what you did, we may cut our nose off, but you are out of here! No more win at any cost.”

CW, I have seen your posts over the last few days all over the dem blogs - slamming Horne and saying you would rather have McConnell? [You can't mean that.] The posts came @7pm, 10pm 3pm 11am 6pm, and some are just a copy of the same post saying Horne pretended to lead while running in front of the parade. From the timing you seem like your a full time blogger, working for Fischer maybe? Mitch?

Either way, from a person that has seen Horne and has started to know him he doesn't just talk the talk he walks the walk. In late 2005 and early 2006 when everyone was scared to say boo about the war he was there on CNN and in the street giving a lot of regular people confidence to say what they already felt. And unlike some of "good dems" he didn't miss a beat when he lost to John Yarmuth he kept right on going and helped beat Northup. So if you don't mind I am going to trust the Colonel. I just hope if Fischer stays in he doesn't go negative like Hillary is to Obama and make our job harder.

Like Andrew Horne, I am on the Democratic Primary ballot for U.S. Senator KY May 20, I am a veteran, I am a lawyer, and I was on the Democratic Primary ballot for U.S. House in 2006. I'm suprised that Andrew Horne endorsed Bruce Lunsford instead of me. You can't buy a Democratic nomination, as Bruce Lunsford should've learned in his unsuccessful run for Govenor against Steve Beshear, and in his unsuccessful run for Governor against Ben Chandler. If Kentucky Democrats want a workhorse, they will vote for Kenneth Stepp for U.S. Senate D-KY; if they just want a showhorse, they will vote for a millionaire.

Times are a changin, we want a workhorse, not a playboy with money.

Horne was adopted by progressives but the truth was he was never much of a Democrat, he was registered as an independent, and changed conveniently before his run, and had never been involved much in Democratic politics..........so why the surprise now? Bruce Lunsford is "not much of a Democrat" either.

With the presidential ticket, there will be those that vote for the name they know like Eddie Murphy's character in The Distinguished Gentleman.......BUT

There will be lots and lots of yellow dogs that vote in EVERY primary, and Lunsford's not gonna get that vote, plus there are yellow dogs working hard against him.

He hasn't bought anything yet...and he's spent a **** pot.

You are clearly a Fischer supporter to go after Horne like that so tell us about Fischer's Democratic credentials. I'll start - "wealthy Democrat" donated to Northup[R], Jackson[R] multiple times in Louisville and sat on his hands for Conway, Miller and Yarmuth against her in 2002, 2004 and 2006. Not concerned enough about Iraq, etc to make any Iraq campaign events or donate, etc. Suddenly saw the light about how bad things had gotten gave to Democratic party 12/07 gave Yarmuth 9/07 coincidentially decided to run for Senate about that time.... Your turn.

The United States is falling apart. We, whether Republican or Democrat, can give all thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Ross Perot tried to inform the brilliant American public, but the Bush supporters, and the Clinton supporters got their way, and now we have few years of surivival left. It will not be so much Bush jr. as Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, who will go down in the great book of history as the destroyers of the american way.

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