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April 15, 2008


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"Bruce Lunsford is attempting to slam Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) for abandoning Fletcher ..... he supported Fletcher and McConnell did not."

You got to be freaking pulling my leg! Ridiculous is right.

You got that picture of Bruce with Mitch, Fletcher, and Northrup? That ought to help Bruce sell this scam.

This primary is a disaster for Kentucky and the Nation. McConnell has bought his way back to the cat bird seat for another term and Lunsford is certainly in on the deal and so is Beshear.

Keeling has always been known to stress the truth to promote his inordinate amount of negativity, but it appears that he has taken his preposterousness to a new level. He has now entered the realm of inadequacy.

Saying that there is generic spin, without ever citing any direct source, and then to add an ample amount of double spin makes this hearsay completely unconvincing.

I do not believe for one second that Bruce Lunsford or his staffers told a room of Democrats what Keeling is alleging. He, and they, are way too smart for that. Not only has Lunsford hired an all-star staff, he is one of the smartest & most seasoned individuals that the Dems could offer to Ditch Mitch.

I expected more out of Keeling. What axe is he grinding here?

stretch the truth* ...

What is Keeling's blog?

I can't imagine BL was justifying the Fletcher endorsment that's just stupid. Trying to spin it as potentially helping him in the Fall with disaffected repubs who are mad at McC makes more sense. While I doubt BL will win I can see the logic in that arguement.

The Fletcher endorsement by Lunsford was a blunder of Lunsford that he had best not mention. A "me-too" campaign by Lunsford against McConnell won't work; "me-too" campaigns never work. At least Lunsford is a millionaire, and that should make Republican types feel more comfortable with him representing them in the U.S. Senate. My question is "Why do so many of the people living in the trailer parks, people working nine to five, people drawing SSI, people on Medicaid, and people on fixed incomes want a millionaire who endorsed Fletcher as their representative in Washington?" Isn't that like the wolf guarding the hen house?

Kenneth Stepp,
That last question did sound a tad bit elitist. Got to watch that.

Some people are under the mistaken impression that millionaire republicans just know more about managing money. After all, they are rich.

Fact is they know how to make it off us poor slobs,and put ut in their pockets. Then we loose our jobs and benifits, when the recession they cause kicks in.

Fact is, Democrats have a better track record at managing the economy if anybody bothetrs to look at facts.

Seriously, who can blame Lunsford for endorsing Ben Chandler's opponent?

Chander ran one of the most blatantly and patently unfair cheap shot ads I have ever seen, when it was too late for Lunsford to respond. Trying to blame Lunsford personally for that woman's mother getting thrown out of her nursing home was untruthful and over the top.

I've said it before, if I'd been Lunsford, endorsing Chandler's opponent wouldn't be all I'd do I'd probably have blacked both of Ben's eyes. The $250 fine for assault would have been worth it to punch Chandler's lights out.

I'm a Republican and I agree with McConnell politically but despise him for his failure to support Fletcher. McConnell could have brought the investigation to an end with a maximum of two phone calls, but he chose not to.

Why does anyone blame Lunsford for doing this? He knows very well that he needs alot of Republicans support because he has lost a ton of Democratic support who will nver support him.
Bruce Lunsford, Steve Beshear, the DSSC, Chuck Schumer should not be surprised.
This Ky Senate race is a 70-30 race to McConnell. I might as well go deer hunting this fall. There is no reason to support Lunsford. He is a loser and a crook.

I would seriously like to see Lunsford forgiven and get on with helping our party. But when you hear from reliable sources that he just can not totally support our candidates, as he is a candidate, it makes you hesitate to forgive him. Word is, Lunsford supported Trey Greyson. Now let's call it like it is. Grayson is a lawyer and a winner. Lunsford is not a lawyer and is a loser. He has never even won a primary, WITH ALL HIS MONEY. How do we support this guy? You can't have your cake and eat it too. I want McConnell out, but we also wanted Grayson out. So look for the same. Your neysayers will come up with their inane excuses for not voting for Hendrickson, who by the way, contrary to some idiots, is not an idiot.Missed your chance, Ky. I don't know what Lunsford is going to do, but I sure hope Mc get beat.

I voted straight Democratic ticket in the 2007 general election. I voted straight Democratic ticket in the 2006 general election. I pledge to vote for the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate-KY and the Democratic candidates for President and Vice President in the 2008 general election. Will Bruce make that pledge? Will any other Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate KY make that pledge?

Straight ticket votes are the only American way to go if you are democrat. I know Republicans right now who think that George Bush is doing a good job. Obviously they are some of the sickest human beings on the planet. Now I am sure that the republicans are saying that I am a true ass-hole dem, who hates republicans. Well, I will say that Johnson and Carter made their mistakes, but they were not idiots, and they were not traitors. I really feel sorry for Republicans.

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