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March 06, 2008


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Here is the back up for my claims about Casinos and the social cost . . .JAS IN FRANKFORT.

The Governor or the General Assembly is either uninformed or they don't care about what consequence Casinos will bring to KENTUCKY.


The social costs of gambling have been calculated by a number of scholars whose studies were not financed by the casinos. Their calculations were based on the financial impact of pathological gamblers that must be absorbed by government, business and the families.

• $13, 200 per year – estimated by Dr. Robert Goodman of Hampshire College (Massachusetts) in 1994

• $13,585 per year – estimated by Dr. Mary Jane Wisemen in a report prepared for Murray State University in 2001

• $19,000 per year – estimated by Dr. William Thompson of the University of Nevada in 2003

• $11,304 per year – estimated by Dr. Earl L. Grinols of Baylor University in 2004

Presently, Kentucky has 35,000 pathological gamblers. Conservative estimates indicate that the number will jump to 94,200, given the current plan of placing nine casinos into various regions of the state.

Now, let’s Do the Math using a modest $13,000 as the estimated cost per year of each pathological gambler:

Current: 35,000 pathological gamblers = $455 million per year.

With nine casinos: 94,200 pathological gamblers = $1,224,600,000 . . . That’s more than twice the liberally projected revenue that will be received ($600 million).


There is no way Kentucky can win the casino game.

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