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March 20, 2008


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Maybe if Governor Beshear didn't have so much casino cash up his ass he could have done a little better, don't ya think Shack. And to come out of the blue with a 70 cent cig tax, that was real keen there. Where was his plan B, the one he always said he had BTW?

Beshear's court of jesters are to blame not Beshear. No one has any respect for Beshear in the Senate or the House and without that respect Kentucky is doomed. Maybe Jody should run again, with Mr. Turkey Neck by his side he is a shoe in!

The 70 cents a pack is the only thing the damn press has ever agreed with him on! It was a wise thing to do and proves he is no tool to big wig tobacco peeps that have been hiding for 8 years. Beshear's roll now is he anti-anti gov, he is trouble.

Has anyone asked working class Kentucky smokers about that 7 dollar a carton increase? Is that a smart move for Democrats to be pushing that turd right now?

Harry the Toad is President of EKU in waiting. Doug Whitlock is serving a three year presidency and then the Toad becomes the President. This isn't a scoop, but is a known fact. That's why he is being even more arrogant than he usually is.

The performance of the part-time, non-professional legislature has always doomed Kentucky Citizens in the Global Economy. You can not expect a world class organization to magically appear for a few weeks out of the year. This is the fault of the voters who continue to accept a non-professional legislature. It is time for Kentucky to compete in the Global Economy. You can not continue to manage the commonwealth on a part-time basis. The Governor and the Citizens of Kentucky deserve a full-time professional legislature.

1/4th of Kentucky smoke and 1/4 of them can't aford it and this tax increase might push them to stop. 1/4th of all smokers would support Beshear's plan. Almost 9/10ths of Kentucky smokers want to stop smoking. Thats leaves a small portion of smokers to vote against Beshear or anyone else supporting this tax. BullMans "why don't we leave our smokers alone" argument is as dumb as he is.

Maybe we should just outsource our government to Tennessee or Virginia. This is embarrassing.

Moberly, Gooch, Richards, Williams, Adkins, Lee,.....the list goes on and on and on! With a crew like this in the soup, we will never have anything. I for one have made up my mind and I am moving to Georgia, odd my mind was made up reading a blog. But this state is not going to trash it has always been trash.

No trash like Kentucky trash!

In Kentucky reports I read indicate there are 26,000 Kentucky Citizens, (probably more) that will be forced to pay an additional $200 Million to state just because they are addicted to nicotine.

How can that be fair when 26,000 pay $200 M to balance the Governor's budge.

It's wrong and it is punishing to those that do not have a say in the matter.

jim anderson stivers

JAS you have no idea how to do math do you. Estimates say one fourth to one half of kentucky citizens smoke. Far more than 24,000 as you state. You have a predictable habit of reading one thing and running with it, a traditional close minded neocon.

254, he's still right in principle; he left out a zero, for Pete's sake. The joke of this tax is that on the one hand those in favor of it say it will discourage smoking while on the other hand coveting the revenue it will produce. Where is the intellectual integrity in that argument? It's no wonder this is the dumbest state in the union, and it starts with the GA and their tax policies. They manifest our stupidity. I have a much older friend of mine who moved to Ohio as a child upon the death of his father. He was in the 6th grade, whereupon those in Ohio placed him in the 5th grade with the admonition, "You don't think you're moving in here from Kentucky and staying in the same grade, do you?" Well, the same major proponent of KERA is the same toad who proposed raising the cigarette tax, so he isn't the answer, he's the problem. The next president of EKU, Harry Moberly.

The tax should have been catapulted to a 70 cent increase and forget about the very complicated and shell game like tax increase/budget stupid ass Moberly proposed.

Beshear had this right and he was shut down by Mr. Turkey Neck Moberly for what? Ego! Moberly has sunk himself with this governor and I wouldn't be surprised if the budget was to pass, if Beshear hit the veto button out of spite.

Good work Rural Dem you are right about the bullshit treatment our governor has had to endure by these idiots in the house. And by the way that includes your pal Rick Nelson to, he was up to his neck bashing Beshear behind closed doors.

Rick Nelson is as good a Rep as there is. His service to his constituences are better that most. In front of the doors.


I made an error when I transposed the number of smokers in Kentucky. At that time I felt the number of 26,000 was way short.

What I meant to say, but did not, and implied otherwise, Twenty nine percent of Kentucky citizens continue to use tobacco products.

That is considerably more than what I state and I apologize for my mistake.

However, the intent of the statement, was to say it is not fair to put such a heavy tax burden on people because they are addicted to nicotine. This tax structure is unfair to those that use tobacco products.

Where as, many are also addicted to Alcohol and yet no tax increase for Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Gin, . . . .


My previous post was misguiding, for which I apologize.

Nuff said . . .

Jim Anderson Stivers

Beshear will announce slots at tracks only. Problem is legislators are scared to death of whole issue now especially since all is dead in Senate. Heck of a job Stevie.

Good job rural democrat, you have out shined all the other blogs with your fine postings.

Mr Nelson are we going to have a budget worth the paper it is writen on.

I am not sure. Everyone says to tighten government's belt, but they do not want their belt tightened. The budget will reflect our nation's current economic times.


Thanks for your candor. It seems to be the usual double standard. We will have to wait another two years for a comprehensive budget that truly reflects not only the sign of the economic times but serves the people and only the motives of the people. Maybe I am too idealistic for my own good.

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