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March 23, 2008


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Maybe it is a risk and you know his push for casinos in kentucky has been risky from the word go.

He has nothing to lose here but maybe more face.

Horse tracks and casinos are not natural allies. Trying to split the difference is tougher than this crew has been up to..it's done, move on before lobbyists and legislators do stupid things and end up indicted.

The final days of the Legislature are here, what is, five days?

Since he began his campaign for Governor Steve Beshear has embraced the Casino Issue with commitment. And, that is good for the rich people that gave a lot of money to Brer Jones, Joe Gravvis and the organizations supporting the GAMBLING ISSUE.

In this fight, I am especially disappointed in the teachers showing up to stand side by side, for an issue that will impact negatively so many of our citizens. If this does not prove to you that all the KEA or the teachers UNION want is THE MONEY, no matter how they get funded.

AS for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce standing side by side. They are bought and paid for, they had to attend.

It should be obvious, and probably is, with this final push and all the players that have been paraded across the grounds, this final push will be the very thing that limits Beshear to one term, and an ineffective term at that.

What is the old saying, DON'T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET. Our Governor has and continues to push hard and arm twist as much as possible for THE HORSE LOBBY.

The Governor understand, and he knows, many members of the House are not going along, because those members of the HOUSE, are listening their constituents. And, a list has already appears of the YES and the NO votes for this issue.

Don't think some clever person, that wants to take the seat of a House member next election . . .is not following this.

This issue, if voted YES, by a HOUSE MEMBER and that is CONTRARY to the voters in that District, then . . . there exist a REAL ISSUE to defeat the incumbent largely because the Governor and the HORSE LOBBY has more influence with that HOUSE MEMBER than the voters in that district.

Beshear and the 'ARM TWISTERS' know this and some members of the HOUSE are standing strong on their convictions and can not be persuaded by a Governor, Money, or THE HORSE LOBBY.

Todays show in the rotunda in the Capitol was just that . . . . a show.

So, now is the time to send an email, a fax, or make a phone call to your HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE and let them know . . .for the sake of the region . . .JUST SAY NO.

Is Speaker of the House, Richards a LAP DOG?

He says NO TO CASINOS for his district, and yet he is working like hell to assist the Governor, in a proposal Mr. Richards does not want in his district. The same for HOUSE member STUMBO. He says his district is TOO POOR for a Gambling operation.

Which side of the mouth are these HOUSE MEMBERS talking out of?


"I just wanna say!"

Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

Beshear is never going to be able to get any of his agendas through the house for the next four years as long as there are high ranking members in the house that are ticked off that they didn't win the primary as governer or Lt. Gov.

William, you did a very professional job on the Hendrickson campaign. You and Bruce had every state Rep working for you, and a lot of senators. You did it with an ingenius plan to get to the masses via as many legislators as possible. You had more endorsements than any of the candidates in any race. Judges, senators, state reps, you name it. Then, you stopped just short of a cumulative HISTORICAL victory.Why?
I personally know that Rep. Susan Westrom was ready to begin work in Fayette, as well as were many other leaders. However, she was never contacted again after Bruce went with the party plan. I don't know whether you or Bruce is to blame for this, but you were on your way to a history making win.

As much as I dislike you and your hackery I will admit you did an amazing job with Hendrickson.

Beshear: Casino proposal dead! From Herald Leader Pol Watchers.

Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

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