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March 26, 2008


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Hal has been very much in the mold of a compassionate conservative. He's fought for projects that he felt were vital to the long term economic interests of the region but hasn't gone along with new taxes every time one's proposed.

Some of Hal's greatest accomplishments, like protecting Harlan and Middlesboro from floods, removing tolls for hard working men and women who drive the parkway formerly known as Daniel Boone, and his work in creating the Center for Rural Development and its related programs- particularly UNITE and PRIDE- are anything but liberal boondoggles.

The best way to characterize it is compassionate conservatism. It's also very much a throw back to old whig policies that promoted internal improvements.

Beshear is not going to be able to accomplish anything as governor as long as their are those pseudodemocratic representatives are still in the house and obstructing the buisness of the people for their own individual political goals of becoming governor which Beshear thwarted this past cycle.

It's neither a democratic or republican problem. It's an individual problem of certain elected and newly(re)elected officials who thought it their birthright to be governor. (especially after critically wounding the sitting governor).

Until this plague is removed from the House; Kentucky will continue in its downward spiral.

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