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March 25, 2008


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Beshear is a failure. His ATTEMPT to FORCE a life of addiction of our children via Casino Gamblicertainly did not go unoticed by the people of the General Assembly.

Fletcher is laughing and exploring another run for Governor!

JAS just use your name, everyone knows its you. Maybe you should run for governor seeing you think you are some sort of moral and political authority.

Do not question the validity of the same methods used to trump up Beshear a few months ago.

He is a absolute failure to date but it is early. He still has three plus years to recover but it is a terrible start

They absolutely hate him in eastern KY and I can not figure out why and Roger Noe has nothing to do with it but Dan Robinette might. There is an unspoken notion that Beshear and DR Dan have had a falling out. But it is not wide spread enough to cause this.

Beshear's travails all started with the Senate race for Mongiardo's old seat, plain and simple. Had they just stayed out of it, but they rolled the dice. Snake eyes, and everything went bad from there.

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Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

And, what is wrong with caring what happens to our neighbor?

Beshear could rebound- I think Dr Dan and beshear did have a major falling out! lets see if he can win another term, might be a long shot now

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