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March 25, 2008


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The Department for community based services wastes so much money. They can cut out excess funds.

An example is the gross negligence of supervisors of Shereena Hamilton. Hamilton is a social worker in Pike County Kentucky. To help my ex husband in a custody dispute; Hamilton substantiated child abuse against me and never told me about it.

After it was put on the internet; I investigated and found out it was true. I then won my CAPTA hearing and had my name taken off of the child abuser database.

However, afterward I then through open records received copies of Hamilton disciplinary records. She was not disciplined for what she did to me. Further, she had about two years of past dues for which she was disciplined. Basically, she didn't do her job for two years and her supervisors didn't do anything about it but write her up.

In the private sector; an employee can get fired for just a couple of days of being lazy. Why should Hamilton be allowed to sit in her office and not do her job for years?

So, stop complaing about social services taking a cut. Unless you have had to deal with them personally, you will never be aware of how unprofessional they are and the waste of money going on in DCBS.

Oh, and just so everyone knows. I have filed multiple complaints with the Cabinet for Health and Famlies and the federal government.

I even spoke to Deputy Secretary Steve Nunn who specifically promised me at the blue ribbon panel on abuses in DCBS, that general counsel would sit down with me and discuss these issues.

Either Nunn is a liar, or general counsel is disobeying a direct order from Nunn; Nobody in the general counsel office including Jon Klien, and his supervisor Mona will meet with me and discuss these issues.

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