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February 17, 2008


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Why did you fail to mention the fact that some big bucks people in his district are pounding him in the head over this issue? I know 2 in Wayne and 2 in Whitley are calling for his head. This is not a good situation for Williams.

Two public officials have the same view.
Senate President David Williams.
State Representative Stumbo. Neither a lightweight in Kentucky politics.

That is two, that are willing to step out from behind the curtain and say what they think. If the issue is to voted on, then there should be a education policy to inform voters of both sides of this issue.

Why does the VOTE KENTUCKY web sight not allow any post of their sight?

When the time comes, in our Kentucky History and the marks are made about how public servants voted on this issue, it will not say LET THE PEOPLE VOTE.

It will only show the UP or DOWN votes from each member.

Jim Anderson Stivers

JAS get it right Stumbo does not want a casino in Floyd but supports the vote. Everyone knows Floyd is poor and it was dumb for Beshear and Co. to include Floyd. But if you support the NO VOTE, JAS you are a Republican of the most extreme form and have NO right to voice your opinion as a Democrat, because you have went to the Red.

If the people are largely ignorant of the terrible cost casinos will bring their state then it is the responsible choice of the Kentucky General Assembly to deny Kentucky the vote. Our elected legislators are elected to make these decisions and they know full well that Kentucky should not vote on casinos.

Two thoughts. Just based on the times I have been around Williams in Frankfort I can't see that guy sweating bullets over anything. I've always found him cold and aloof and basically of the not giving a damn variety, not the sort to sweat.
Second, we don't live in a democracy, we live in a representative republic, regardless of how many times we are told something to the contrary. So it really doesn't matter how many polls we read which say whatever about who wants to vote about what. It is the responsibility of each legislator to decide, based upon what they find to be the case in their districts, what their constituents want them to do.

Williams has a new problem and I wonder how he will deal with it. This is the fact that some of his biggest supporters in his district want a casino. How does he deal with that? Something he has never had to deal with before. So I think he may just develop the ability to sweat a little.

133, Now, that could be another issue entirely. I could see that being an issue which could cause one some sweat, because on the one hand Williams has an overt image, but on the other hand, any of us with any sense knows how phony this entire political business is, wherever it makes itself manifest. So if there are powers that bear in his district who would want this to go forward, the he "decides to make a gesture in the interests of bipartisanship" to the governor, and the issue makes the ballot. Then Pilate's hands have been washed, and by Pilate I don't just mean Williams but the whole bunch of them, and the matter makes the ballot, which is not great travesty. Then we just see what happens. And let whatever happens, happen.

It's not up totally to Williams. He is just one vote of the 20-something needed. Despite what that idiot Kelsey keeps blathering about on PolWatchers, the majority of senators will vote against the amendment.

Williams controls those 20 something and if motivated, he could let this amendment question pass. It will require a massive effort among his elite supporters to make it happen. So it is likely not going to happen. Kentucky will forever more be confined to the dark ages controlled by political bosses like Williams.

It will never happen so we all might as well get used to it. SAY NO TO CASINOS

9:37 PM if Casino Gambling is passed gambling money and Casino owners will control Kentucky politics as they do in Neveda. They will be the major campaign donators for our legislative and state office candidates in the future. I will take any Kentucky political leader over casino owners anytime. I do not agree with all stands taken by different politial leaders, but casino owners are only interested in one thing, money. They do not donate over a $1 million to a campaign fund because they favor good government.

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