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February 15, 2008


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David Williams is already trying to scare house members into not voting yes to the casino admendment. Why so early you say? Because he knows if it gets to the senate he will be under a lot of pressure to pass it. Why you say?

Because one of the free-standing casinos would be in Whitley County and a lot of big money republicans want it.


Anything but CASINOs, our childrens future is NOT worth the price of casinos.



Yes sell your children into slavery, and give your entire estate to the government. Everyone should be taxed at a rate of 99.99%. Higher taxes for everyone, jobs and the economy be damned. We can not have these Pagan Casinos but we can have all the trailer parks and illegitimate offspring we want to overburden government services. Everyone knows that government education is the answer. Taxation without representation is not tyranny, it is the way of the world. We only have three choices, none more. Higher taxes is the choice, the cost benefit analysis tells us so. Yeah we are number one and can not read, press one for reality. GO BIG BLUE. YEEEEEE HAAAAAWWWW.

Lets all submit to higher taxes and forget about a future.

Local sales Tax
Mandatory Occupational Tax
10 cent higher gas tax
$1.00 cigarette tax
car insurance tax
higher state income taxes
higher local school tax
Internet usage tax
higher small business tax
loophole vehicle tax
higher alcohol tax
Retirement Income Taxes
Higher Property Taxes
Inheritance and Estate Taxes

and much more......

I support Steven Beshear and have for years. I also heartily support his vision for expanded gaming. But even I a dedicated supporter of our governor can not see this legislation becoming reality. No way can this extensive law be passed.
He has been on the receiving end of some confounded advice from his senior staff. They should be relieved of their duties as soon as this discommodious session is completed.

Cut services! End transfer payments from one person to another. Do away with EVERY program that is not constitutionally mandated as an appropriate function of government. We're taxed enough as it is. How are we supposed to afford higher taxes when we're already paying so much for gas, food, shelter, clothing, etc?

The casino proposal is dead as a doornail. Gov. Beshear is simply not off to a very good start, and I doubt it was his "senior staff" which got him tangled up in the 30th Senate District; no disrespect to Frankfort Veteran. It may have been staff who proposed $8,000,000 for a polar bear exhibit at the Louisville Zoo while whacking many other programs which matter. I understand in the grander scheme that amount of money isn't that much but it allows people like me to keep bringing it up. Style trumps substance. Just not wise. So it either communicates to me that things aren't as dire as they are being communicated, or there is an attempt to see how dire they can be made so the citizens will feel forced into voting for casinos to bail the state out of its financial mess. Either one stinks.

"I doubt it was his "senior staff" which got him tangled up in the 30th Senate District"

Bulletboy, You have proven that you really don't know what youre talking about. Do you know who was running that debacle? Jim Cauley, Dan Robbinette was Alexander's campaign manager, Homeland Security Director Adam Edelen made the ads. All this shit started with Dan Robbinette telling folks in Harlan !early! that Mongiardo was backing Scott when he was not. Beshear's bunch created this but NOT Beshear himself. You have to trust your staff but his staff burned his ass in Harlan. Bunch of f%%%ing dumb shits!

I am very disappointed in old Shack daddy for not exposing this shit. I know he is not scared to do it. So why so mum son?

This entire agenda has been handled wrong, IMO.

What gain did the Governor receive from going into the district and drumming up support for the candidate that would join him in the vote to create the amendment for Casinos.

The people in the district were offended by the manner in which it was handled, thus the administration candidate was defeated.

I just bet cha, when citizens found out that KEEP would get $102,000,000 from the income that turned a lot of people off.

One fact that stands out that horse people should acknowledge.

When Casinos come to a town with a track, betting on horses goes down. Could it be the HORSE LOBBY is shooting itself in the foot?

Jim Anderson Stivers

Jim Cauley is trouble with a capital T for Beshear. Now he's playing games again with his buddy Achim Bergmann to make money off Bruce Lunsford. And the exposure of all the gambling money behind that anti-Fletcher 527 makes people wonder hard about the ethics of this sleazy bunch of hacks. Cauley is trouble for the Governor and it's time for Beshear to act like a Governor instead of a casino pimp or he's one term for sure.

Harlan Man--Alexander was hand selected by Mongiardo, OK? I might go along with you re Beshear's degree of involvement in that he was trying to pull victory from the jaws of defeat because once Mongiardo had selected the candidate he was forced into immersing himself in the campaign. And so I guess I would agree that staffers screwed it up because they decided who was going to manage it day to day, and they decided to bring people in from out of state to run a mountain campaign. Still he also had people who were telling him it wasn't a good idea and chose to not listen to them. The fault is still his. You seem to think no one but you has any knowledge of what the hell went on in that campaign but you're wrong.

and it's time for Beshear to act like a Governor instead of a casino pimp or he's one term for sure

Yes. If it won't fly, it won't fly, no matter how big a hammer you pick up. Move on and try something else.

I know Mongiardo asked two other people to consider running before Alexander. If Noe would have kept his big mouth shut he would have been the guy. Alexander was the last choice only when everything else failed. Mike Bowling, Rick Nelson then Scott Alexander. That is a fact. Noe lost his noodle and I guess them dems made a good choice not courting him huh? Seems a little nutty.

Dumb shit Dan Robbinette and his mother started the Mongiardo and Alexander rumors and it just happen to work out that way. Back me up SHACK DADDY DAMN!

No one can blame the Gov and Lt. Gov for working hard not to lose Mongiardo's seat, but when they started making the rounds and giving out state jobs and contracts a lot of people saw that Beshear was more worried about a pro-casino vote than what was best for the District. That job thing was heavy handed as crap and offended a lot of folks.

I will add that they should have waited before they hired Haggerty and that is another example of Beshear's staff acting like fools. My daddy said perception is 90% of reality. Beshear's staff have no concept of what the public perception will be or they don't care, I would bet on the latter.

I will back you up Harlan Man, you are right. There was one or two more people asked as well, from what I heard. But I can not confirm it.

335, I agree. And Harlanman, I'm not picking fights with you. I think there is substantial agreement between what we both are saying, really. The disagreemnt is more about minutiae. Any way you want to look at it, and who ever we want to blame, the thing was screwed up. I think we can at least agree on that. Or at least it wasn't handled as well as it should have been.

It was a F-UP the word go. They did not know how to;

A. Run a political campaign in this part of the country and
B. Had no regard for the fragile local politics.

You would expect someone of Cauley's qualifications to be able to mind the store, but he let it burn and few around here wonder if he did it on purpose.

Everyone in the party should be fired. I will laugh my ass off if this casino business comes down to ONE vote in the Senate.

Surely to God you people know the oldest political game in the books. David Williams will come out as he has, against gambling. Knowing full well that his wealthy friends around his home areas want it. It is the old good cop, bad cop routine. Surely you people know that Williams is no different than the rest of the christian republicans, he likes to drink and he loves the Kentucky Derby, and it ain't because of the good looking women.

You people just can't see the forest for the trees. Daniel wanted to know if the people were going to follow his lead. Well, I agreed with him, but many others did not. Alexander had been beaten twice before by the same man. Dan, wanting a senator from Perry, thought that the november win would carry anything else they wanted.Didn't happen. People like Dan, but they will not be dictated to. They have already had enough of Williams. Alexander was the choice from the get go, regardless of how the blog debates end.

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