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February 24, 2008


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Americans, especially christian americans, are some of the most prolific hippocrites on the earth today. We go to the all you can eat restaurants and have trouble breathing after dinner, and we wonder why anyone in the world could possibly hate us. We threaten people who want to live their private lives the way they want, and we expect people in other countries to respect us. We invade little countries that have no navy or air force and run scared from nations
that can fight back, and we wonder why people laugh at us. Please don't insult your own intelligence and question whether we should gamble. Our churches love bingo, and every other person I know, plays the lottery every other day. The world would be a better place if Americans were not the most hippocrital humans on the planet.

The 3 options given in the article leaves out a critical 4th option: real tax reform which would eliminate the excessive tax loopholes we have in Ky. A good report including the option of real tax reform was by the Public Life Foundation of Owensboro.

Ky’s sales, property, and corporate taxes exempt more than they collect. At the end of his administration Gov. Patton prepared a report showing that Ky has a structural deficit. That is, the programs we have on the books are more than the revenue we have on the books. In the ‘90s Ky started with a Swiss cheeses tax code and added tax breaks of about $450 M or more which is about our structural deficit.

For example, we have tax breaks in the sales tax for llamas and alpacas (KRS 139.480(16)(e), http://www.lrc.ky.gov/krs/139-00/470.pdf) and another for manufacturers using the word etc (KRS 139.470(11)(a)(2)(b), http://www.lrc.ky.gov/krs/139-00/470.pdf).
There are far more tax breaks than these. They are symbolic of a much bigger problem.

On top of that we have an Econ Dev Cab run by a board whose members are nominated by private entities, have no $ limit on what they can give away, and are exempt from the Ky Open Records Act.

Plus, expanded gambling might take us from an extra tight budget to a tight budget but is dwarfed by what we would gain by real tax reform. Expanded gambling still leaves us with the unfair tax code we have in Ky.

No doubt we need to take a close look at how we are spending our $. But tax breaks, sometimes called tax expenditures, are a backhand way of spending $. Anyone with an ounce of fiscal conservatism would want to put all these tax breaks under the microscope. By eliminating just some of the unnecessary tax breaks we could come up with the money to pay for the things we should be such as making college tuition affordable and lower tax RATES. Perhaps we could create a personal exemption to the property tax which would eliminate the car tax on cars under let’s say $30,000.

So, all you folks out there not benefitting from the llamas, alpacas, and etc. tax breaks, do you think you might be interested in looking at real tax reform?

James P. Benassi
Henderson, KY

We will never have real tax reform with our spending out of control. It will never happen in my lifetime.

What we need is real leadership in the general assembly. Most importantly in the house and the way to save money is to police the spending.

When the spending is under control then we can have tax reform. The sad state of affairs in Kentucky requires that we add tax revenue because the majority of the programs that are actually needed will be the spending that will be slashed because the general assembly does not care about the people they only care about their pork projects.

No Name 06:23PM You are as dumb as religion itself. "Americans, especially christian americans, are some of the most prolific hippocrites on the earth today." Yes, the classic blame someone other than yourself for the problems you created. Just remember this, Christians are a Jewish Cult which worship a dead black male. Have a godless day 06:23 with few returns. The Nazi Party will fill your vacant skull.

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