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February 26, 2008


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For years ol Jody was on record opposing casinos..Hmmm.. Maybe ol Jody ain't so dumb after all??

The legislation's assassination from within the kings circle.

If that is the case, it is quite smart. And I would suspect it has a little to do with Richards telling Beshear in a debate that he will not kick butt in the general assembly because he is the gov. Remember that Beshear? Looks like Jody gotcha!

I hope they lower the boom on this old prick, he's been dragging us down for years.

I guess Beshear's new best friend will be Rep.Stumbo. Or should I say House Speaker Stumbo.

You do not make sense. Stumbo boldly stepped out in Prestonsburg against the casinos. Why do you think Stumbo could possibly become an ally of the Governor?

Stumbo has a race to win and he better be careful. Beshear will try everything in the world to bust his ass this year. 8:15 makes no sense now, but Stumbo is a snake and he will pounce on any opportunity.

It could be just as Stumbo and Richards and Jenkins have said in words and actions..the horsey people got greedy..guarantees, no local votes, better tax rates, yada yada. Fat cats like Tracy Farmer and Brer Jones and Beshear are too used to getting their way..well, not always boys, not always.

Jenkins, Stumbo and Richards fighting the forces of evil together! You have to be kidding me, they shake your hand with a knife in the other and always on the look out for easy prey. Maybe Beshear is considered easy prey he is a lame ass don knotts looking gov. thats for sure.

You guys would be dangerous if you actually knew anything. Richards is standing up to the horse tracks and Sims deserved to be dismissed from her committee assignment. She lied to the house speaker about her vote and that is a fundamental ethics issue.
Read it on The Underground Rooster

Oh pleeeeez! You backwoods swamp bumpkins from WKY need some o2.

Contact your representative and let them know the feelings in your district. They may not listen, but at election time you can pay back. Call your House member today.

The URL below is the LRC DIRECTORY of the members.

For other members of House or Senate:



Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

Thanks Jim. I'll contact my legislators and tell them to put casino gaming on the ballot and give us some casinos.

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