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February 27, 2008


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You make about as much sense as driving on a parkway and parking in a driveway.

How can House Speaker Richards pass the measure and be against casinos. He is well respected and his leadership abilities will guarantee this bill will make it to the Kentucky State Senate.

Mr. Richards will also work with State Senate President David Williams in the coming weeks to make sure his bill passes. The lack of leadership from Governor Beshear has thrusted House Speaker Richards into the role of guardian of this legislation and he is well suited for this role.

10:29 you are under arrest for writing the dumbest shit I have ever read on any blog. I will tear up this ticket if you promise to share what you are smoking. Deal?

Could the end run be, Speaker Richards has fulfilled his part of THE BARGAIN. He got the amendment to the House floor. Now, what happens in the House, where any strong Speaker of the House should know how many votes he has going in he has little control.

The manner in which Speaker Richards has handled this issue will haunt him for a time to come.


There is no deal, there is no bargain, only the usual procedures for any Bill. Each Bill has winners and losers. Each Bill disregards cost benefit analysis. We are only speaking of nine buildings, and heck the governor may axe the Bill if not defined, "for the benefit of the people." Richards will be re-elected regardless of the situation which he may or may not have created, he only stepped into it by purpose or default.

Dr. Rick,

Thank you for the brief education in politics.

Swap and trade . . . Right!

Swap out 60,000 compulsive gamblers in Kentucky if Casinos pass. Are these people THROW AWAYS?

Dr. Rick: So with a veto the Governor decides and not the people? Let the people decide my ass.

The people have never been able to vote. Why does the USA have an Electoral College? What the hell is that? Still No Deal. Steve has been upfront as to what he wants no name 11:56AM. The Senate will never send it to the people. But as I have said, I could care less if Kentucky lets in the casinos, I can gamble on line. Go back to square one. Round peg in square hole for Kentucky.

Dr. Rick, there are a lot of books explaining the Electoral College. Take your pinhead out of Steve's a-hole and read one.

It appears Nurse Betty has been on the government tit for tat for way too long. Everyone with an IQ of 75 and less understands that the Electoral College is a layer of individuals which nullifies the individuals vote. Nurse Betty time for you to be unplugged from your life support.The entire world knows that is how Little Bush got elected, not by the people, but by the Electoral College. Gee you are backwards.

That would be your IQ range, S Smith. Does the S stand for Snuffy?


While my head is being surgically removed from Steve's A area, my State Doctor has a brain for you. Can you please take a stand, Casinos Yes or No? Must be way above and beyond your cognitive capabilities? Can you please tell me and Snuffy Smith, from the Real Mountains your plan? We can all agree we get the shaft from the Electoral College. There are over Ten Thousand Books on the subject written by foreign governments, which one is your favorite? Can you name a least ten of your Electorals ? Democracy is tuff for the impaired?

Dr. Rick, we have your test results. It's just what we thought, you are a ***** moron. Tootles.

Troll Nurse Betty:

Your yes or no answer proceeds the vacuum behind your eyes. Good luck in life. Write this down: Y for Yes, N for no. Push D for Democrat, Push R for Republican. Are you a pro-testant or a con-testant?

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