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February 23, 2008


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I think we need to increase the cigarette tax some, but I can't understand why liquor seems to be off limits. I've written legistators about raising the taxes on both, and never hear back. I just don't understand why booze is so off the table. Raise both.

I agree with the above other post..raise taxes on both..THE higher the better..Maybe it will save someones life smoking themselves to death.

Another thought about the budget shortfall. We continue to throw more and more money at and into education. If money were the answer we wouldn't have a problem. I'm certainly all for having the finest schools we can, but as long as the General Assemby is in the pocket of KEA, it isn't going to happen. They'll find money for teacher raises before they find money for family resource centers, I guarantee you, and the family resource centers--the notion that we needed to life the whole family unit to really get anywhere--was the first part of KERA to fall away, and was the most integral piece of it. We all know that in homes where education is deemed important the children to well at school, and where it isn't the prospects aren't as good. We could triple the education funding and not buy an ACT point. But the education lobby will see to it we transfer money to them, anyway, and get the same results we've been getting. For all the money allocated under KERA, doubling and tripling districts' budgets, the payoff is scores has been scant. That is simply fact.

That should have been, "'lift'the family unit."

This legislation is a result of the failure of Gov. Beshear and his gambling bill. We should have elected Repubs. At least they will not raise taxes.

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