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February 25, 2008


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They may come together for appearances sake, but I think a real divide exists not only in House leadership, but in the House Democrats as a whole.

Mister Richards posing for the press but has no balls to back it up.

The House Speaker might want to ask for a job with Beshear and Co. because Stumbo is taking his fluffy job!

Is Stumbo aligned with Rocky and Charlie or Rob and Larry?

I doubt Rockey is stabbing Richards in the back but he is capable. Stumbo is probably in the planning stages of his coup d’état

From Alessi's article, it sounds like Rocky and Charlie Hoffman are lining up behind Jody Richards on the casino issue, while Rob Wilkey and Larry Clark are teamed up. I'm just wondering if Stumbo has aligned himself with either side?

I'll answer (or speculate) on my own question here. Based on Stumbo's comments moments ago in committee, I don't think he is aligned with Rob and Larry.

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