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February 24, 2008


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Shack he said the tracks are syaing X number of dollars! X amount! Sounds specific to me bud.

Who in their right mind would believe anything the track owners say.

Somebody oughta ask Mark about that ethics complaint that has been filed against Kathy Stein and why he is a part of it.

It has always been about politics and money. The one with the most money wins. I know the state could use the money but I can see why so many are against it. It appears on the surface and we all know that the appearance is what counts that this has come down to a money grab. First it was the tracks and the casino people and now it the politicians are sandbagging trying to get part of the action before it even passed out of the house.

All of this before it gets to the Senate. What does the house have the Senate wants so they can trade off and each take credit?

Sometimes politics sucks!


Mark might want to poll the Senate, could be a large faction to pay off there. Business is business, and business is good. Growth is good, enhancement is good for everyone.

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