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February 11, 2008


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Well thanks alot for wasting our fu$%king time Horne! Jacob Payne says he was forced out by Beshear and I thought you were a Marine? Marines dont cut and run.

I am sure he had his reasons. His political career is over and that is a shame.

Col. Horne does not need to be chastised. His cause was noble and his care for his people was authenic. Something not good is going on in our Democratic world. I am terribly worried that we are loosing our heart. Maybe it is time for a third party, that will win.

I respect Col. Horne and I am terribly disappointed. But I have to agree that his political career is over but I will not slam him either.

What a putz, must be something good. He had no chance any hoo.

I don't know that you get in and then get out like, unless you get out for the same reason that Stumbo's predecessor did. You were told to get out. Let me tell you folks, it's just a nasty business. He's probably a very decent guy, which disqualified him from consideration.

I don't think a third party is necessary. The people can co-exist with differing views, but what we can't afford is the fraudulent activities of our government done in our name and with our money. We all need to get behind HB 105 and support more government transparency. The bad actors working in the shadows are breaking us up. We need the honest people in both parties to create real change.

I believe that what breaks the spirit of the people is the power brokers and the back room cigar smokers who believe that they still live in the past life and thrive on their delusions of grandeur. Contrary to what most believe, I have been around quite a bit, and I pay attention to what You-tube plays, and I pay attention to what is honestly reported on C-Span, and I am convinced that the young people are on the move, and a new day is dawning. The 18 to 30
year group are fastly becoming fed up with the fat cat cigar smokers who have megalomania much like Mr. Hitler. Don't take
my word, start talkig to the young people.They will tell you all you want. The day is coming. This nation will survive, again with honest representation.

Please email or call Representative Cherry to "encourage" him to put HB 105 on the agenda so we can have REAL TRANSPARENCY on our finances. This should be something Democrats and Republicans alike should demand. This bill would give us all a searchable data base to see the states expenditures, and what better way to see what is happening to our tax dollars. Please email him at-- Mike.Cherry@lrc.ky.gov-- and also email your representatives at http://www.lrc.ky.gov/whoswho/email.htm

If you want HB 105 start by rasing hell with house leadership. Since Stumbo is on his way to the speakers chair you had better get it done in a hurry because he will never allow it to happen under his watch.

Looks like the bloom has come off the rose for your lightweight candidate Horne. Heh heh heh. I can't believe anyone thought he really had a chance to beat McConnell.

1021, he still had the right to run. Just having a nose for such things he was told to get out, and that's not how things should be.

You are all going to be shocked to find that the Ky Dems have made the deal with Big Mac. Mac has reached a panic point as he did in the last election. He is dancing with the devil, and so is the dem party. It is all part of the big picture that the everyday joker participates in. Look at all the events of the past three months. Lunsford in, then Lunsford out. Lunsford giving money to the Grayson re-election. Things begin to come together like a beautiful sunrise, and most good Americans slowly and sadly, with tears in their eyes, realize they do not live in America anymore, and it has all been a dream.

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