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February 09, 2008


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Horne missed this event but spends time live blogging with Daily Kosers? What a fool.

Shack you hit the nail on the head with citing the importance of sample ballots. You lose a primary if you don't give the JEs thier due respect.

Horne will win the dem primary without the good old boy judge executives. I know for a fact his campaign could care less about the political structure of campaigns past. Horne is above these criminals or judge execs and he wants no part of the thier system. Shackelford you proven again that you have no idea what you are talking about.

5:06 you are a moron.

Oh c'mon 5:06, no candidate in their right mind says they plan to win without someone who could have helped them. Andrew blew this one.

If doesnt have enough sense to get his ass to a event as important as this he will lose. He had 3 days to get there and he failed to show.

He's done because he just demonstrated a lack of committment. It's virtually impossible to defeat any imcumbant, not to mention the most powerful member of the opposing party. I'd be at every fish fry in the state. And this was a gathering of all the CJEs? He doesn't think he has a chance once Lunsford got in with the money.

His campaign is a joke. The people he hired are clueless, we might as well find a way to support Lunsford or forget about ditching mitch!

I am a die hard dem. I have voted democrat for 40 years and I will concede to Mcconnell before I will support Lunsford.

I have received a dozen emails blasting me for posting this thread. Well guys if you want to win you have to take some criticism every once in a while. I am probably the biggest Horne supporter in the 5th and it's still early missing these types of events does hurt.

I am more worried about Horne having to play catch up to Fischer in regards to Judge Executive support, that would suck a ton.

People need to chill out with their attacks.

Long story short: If no one died then there's no excuse for Andrew not to have been at the KCJEA event in Lexington. Absolutely no excuse. This is an event you back out on family (if you have to) in order to attend.

Still yet, it's bullshit that Greg Fischer's people (*cough* Mary Lou Marzian *cough* and *cough* Denise Harper Angel *cough*) have been spreading the bogus story about Andrew allegedly dropping out of the race. I love how people with skeletons in their closets make shit like this up and spread it around. He may be a goner in the primary-- same for Greg Fischer-- but the least they could do is act like adults.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Andrew Horne diss's the CJE's to go live blogging to the extreme left on Firedog Lake. While there, he made really astute and powerful arguments for why the GOP wants him to be the nominee... like pontificating that Col Sanders and Daniel Boone would kick Senator McConnell's ass. I'm sure that's what the CJE's were concerned about hearing.

Get ready to hop on the Lunsford Express, Shack. It'll be a short trip.

Well Jake, isn't the reference to Marzian is pretty strange? She's arguably the most liberal member of the KY House and you're implying that she is working for Fischer who you in turn have said isn't a real Democrat? So which is it? Is Fischer real enough as a Democrat to gain Marzian's support or has Marzian sold out? And the bit about "skeletons in their closets" is pretty contemptible. Hard to have respect for you despite your enthusiasm and intelligence when you pull this kind of crap.

Money will not beat Big Mac this time. You have already seen the evidence of how turned off people are because of the almighty dollar. Romney spent millions, and he is gone. McCain was almost broke a month ago, now he is in. The campaign leaders of Clinton and Obama have been reported saying that they wish they could get all the money back and start over. It would be great to see fat boy slim Hukabee win, for he is a true American without the billions. I always like to see people waste their fortunes on trying to buy elections.

For you experts, you all know it is about the money. KOS and FireDoglake have a track record of raising money for progressive candidates. Just from ActBlue Horne has raised a lot of money online. I don't know how much he has been blogging but it can't be more than a few hours. It seems like a good investment.

He had 3 days to meet with the JE's and chose to ignore them. I suspect it had nothing to do with blogging but more with an incompetent campaign staff that probably didn't know the conference was ongoing. That is as much as Horne's fault as his staff.


I thought you was a Horne supporter? Why are you burning him in public! I am working with them and I would think they wouldn't want your type of support. So if you can take a, HINT, f**k off!

F**k off? If these are really Horne supporters he will not have to worry about missing out on a KCJEA meeting, he is done. But I have a good feeling the above comment was made by someone that is not a real Horne supporter.

Shack is a flip flopper, he can't seem to commit to anything or anyone. Just look how he turned on Roger Noe, he was all for Noe and a week later he was attacking him.

"KYJacob", you're free to spin as you wish. I didn't imply Mary Lou is working for Greg Fischer. I (more than) implied she supports Greg Fischer and lied about Andrew Horne.

I'd hardly say she's the most liberal member of the Kentucky house. And what does being the most liberal have to do with anything? It'd also be tough to suggest Mary Lou knows what it is to be a real Democrat since she nearly wet herself when confronted about her actions at a party in Virginia Woodward's honor. She, like Ben Chandler, is playing both sides of a political fence and doesn't have the conviction to stand up for one thing.

Skeletons will see the light of day, princess. That's what gossip bloggers and the people who are fed up with politics live for. If you can't handle it? It's time to leave the game.

each d should run the best race they can until May. Then whoever wins should get every d's support.

It is about beating Mitch


Am I the only one who saw Lunsford being escorted around by Beshear administration officials and Fischer show up late wearing a leather jacket like someone had just called him to tell him he should get down here asap?

You political pros just don't see the writing on the wall. Bruce Lunsford can not win. I realize we all want to think we can see in to the future, but the party chiefs are seeking Lunsords money, and that is smart. Have someone try to buy the election, without having the party spend too much. I like Lunsord o.k., but most of you mentals hated him last year, now you love him. You are all a bunch of pimps and whores, who actually make a mockery out of Jefferson and the Liberty of our people.Our nation is now an invalid nation, crippled by our political greed for selling out to our leaders. I will bet a thousand that most of you at this very moment do not know how Lunsord stands on the death penalty. Pick any stance, you have no answers, while you could care less. All that matters is can he spend enough to beat McConnell? Gosh, I wonder why our forefathers bothered to leave Britian. Back then, only the elite and aristocracy could hold office. We would never act that way, would we ?

Jake, you're the last person who can ever say "chill out with the attacks."

Hate to bring bad news to all you libs out there (OK, that's BS, I actually relish it), but the reason they brought in Lunsford is that he's expendable and they don't have to support him. If Horne were to win the grassroots would be up in arms for DNC money and KDP money. As is, they get you guys all upset at the nominee and blame it on you failing to come together and, in the meanwhile, they spend little of their resources.

The Beshear people are pimping Lunsford and will force feed him to the public. Horne and Fischer have no chance and everyone should get behind Lunsford and defeat Mcconnell. Horne seems to be a good man but I can read the writing on the wall and I want senator Mcconnell gone, Lunsford is the only choice at this point.

Cyberhillbilly and 10:46 need their politics spoon fed to them. Lunsford has no chance if he makes it to the general election against McConnell. CHB thinks the KDP will blame on the bloggers? You foolish little kids mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I will suggest that officials in the KDP and the Administration are planning the demise of the blogs. You guys are so toxic it can be said that any self respecting politically active person should avoid blogs at all cost or risk being avoided themselves.

I predict all political blogs will be blocked on state servers soon, well maybe with the exception of this Beshear rag.

11:02 pm.

i GUESS WHEN you are an ANON you can post the things you claim. But, you are wrong on this one.

Recently the story about Mr Yung, former Tropicana Casino owner, was full blown in the Herald Leader. The lead for this story came from a POL WATCHERS BLOG. As a good reporter Janet Patton picked it up, got the facts right and presented us with someting to think about or at least be informed.

If you think BLOGGING will be shut down or diminished, . . . sit down . . . your head is spinning.

Blogs however hateful sometime are the last real chance for FREEDOM OF SPEECH, Even yours.

"I just wanna say.!"

Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

Hopefully all the blogs are still blocked on state servers the way they were during the Fletcher admin. State employees need to be working, not reading and posting to political blogs on state time.

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