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February 08, 2008


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I agree with you completely. The same manner in which Fletcher kept shooting himself in the foot and the media kept pouring it on. I believe the main stream media only serves to stir the pot and sell their rags.

I did not support and still don’t support casinos. The media should not decide the issue, rather the people should decide based on the merits of the issue. I believe if it was put to a vote it would be voted down. Kentucky is just too conservative.

While it is a shock to the rest of us in Kentucky that Smith won, it is not totally unpredictable. The governor needs to remember he cannot dictate to the people or the legislature what we will or can do.

If he approaches it the correct way he can get great things done in the state if he tries to ram down our throats he will be a one term governor the same as Fletcher. I do not see many difference in the two at this point.


What is reprehensible is the "pain" budget when there is $8,000,000 for polar bears at the Louisville Zoo. This Governor needs to drop the Fletcher-face, and just come forth with what it is he wants. There is no sense in trying to portray this dire strait which doesn't exist. Just make a motion to get the casino issue on the ballot, and if it doesn't make it, tell the boys who made all the donations, we couldn't make it happen. Then raise the tax on cigarettes and alcohol. The public would go along with it. We can't cut education and the elderly, and it is scurelous to do so just to make people desperate to pass casino legislation. I mean really morally bankrupt. It really makes you realize just what a scumbag Stumbo was to go after Fletcher when, in six weeks Beshear has swindled a nomination process, more votes were bought in Harlan county than you could shake a stick at and the guy still lost...I mean for what???

Bulletbob, I couldn't have said it better myself. KUDOS on your brilliant post!

You are saying these votes were bought for SCott..and none for Brandon...You better take a closer look....I would be safe in sayin more money was thrown in Harlan for SMith than Scott...

839--Perhaps so, I don't know. But who wants our governor wallowing in the mud six weeks into his term? And the last half of your sentence proves my point.."...more money was thrown for Smith than Scott..." Well, that's really damning with faint praise. My ugly wife is better looking than your ugly wife. I don't want Beshear to fail, I want him to succeed. But if all he can see is a single goal (casinos), and he's determined to get there no matter what, he might, but at what cost? That was my point.

Not sure who the author of the post about supporting the Casino Issue, I assume it is the publisher of this blog . . . Mr. Hays.

Well, Mr. Hays if you want to talk about EDUCATION then why don't you educate yourself on the down side of the CASINO ISSUE.

You seem to have blinders on and a recording of the same old, same old with your comments.

This is a serious issue, and the MONEY it will bring in time will cost more to treat those that become mentally impaired by the addiction of gambling.

Flip a coin Mr. Hays . . . Fifty percent of the time it will come up either heads or tails. People that gamble at Casinos and play slots, have a far less chance of heads or tails . . . and the odds are stacked, but then being an expert on gambling you should know that.

Your barking up the wrong tree, Mr. Hays, and your support of this issue is purely political and has no consideration for the 60,000 Kentucky Citizens that will eventually become compulsive gamblers.

Kentucky already has 28,000 compulsive gamblers and we AIN'T GOT THE SLOTS YET.

Maryland is treating 58,000 compulsive gamblers at a cost of ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

If you are going to challenge , then challenge with substance and not your political emotions. Which, recently have proved to be wrong.

Your blind loyalty has caused you to comprise what is called


You know there is a problem but you refuse to post about it. And that is a compromise of your intellectual integrity. (And I use that term, loosely.)

Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

You Bet Your Life
Reports that the number of aggravated assaults in gambling counties in the United States (US) increased after the casinos opened there. Increase in the number of counties in the US with casinos between 1990 and 1996; Spending behavior of gambling addicts; Suggestion to counties

Casinos provide entertainment, employment and extra cash for lucky betters. But statistics show that they also deal local communities a bad hand.
Between 1990 and 1996, the number of counties in the United States with casinos skyrocketed from 26 to 167--and crime in those areas shot up significantly, as well.
David Mustard, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the University of Georgia's Terry School of Business, and Earl Grinols, Ph.D., a professor of economics at the University of Illinois, examined crime statistics in all 3,165 U.S. counties between 1977 and 1996. Offenses such as rape, aggravated assault, robbery and property damage generally declined in the year a casino was introduced to a town, likely because it stimulated economic development and made jobs available, says Mustard. "But over time," he explains, "shady, unattractive things begin to happen." Local crime rates returned to average after three years and went up thereafter: The number of aggravated assaults in gambling counties, for example, increased by 112 five years after the casinos opened there.
One reason may be that the slots and tables attract unsavory characters. "The people who go to Las Vegas are very different from those who go to Orlando," Mustard points out.
But casinos also tend to draw problem and pathological gamblers. Gambling addicts "will often charge things on their credit cards, dipping into savings when that runs out," he notes. "Then they start borrowing. Eventually their resources are exhausted" and they turn to violent measures to pay their debts which, he says, explains why crime statistics only shoot up after several years.
Mustard suggests that counties considering casinos weigh this information before taking a roll of the dice.

Psychology Today, Nov/Dec 99
Article ID: 339

JAS why don't you go back to you hole by the river yo sad little man. You trashed Shack on another blog, why don't you trash him here? You are a sad little man and not worth my time. Shack, have you read the stuff Stivers wrote about you on Pol Watchers? Ban this little dweeb pleeez.

Why ban a guy for posting facts from a magazine? He's the only guy on here who signs his name to his posts, too. SInce you don't like what he has to say, ban him? That's what they did in the Soviet Union. And still do many places.

Let us round it off. Why will Kentucky Government be short one-billion dollars in tax revenues? Is the consumer spending less? Is unemployment up? Are corporations leaving Kentucky? Is the State Government spending more? Is the Finance & Administration Cabinet out to lunch? Must be the fault of Bush and Fletcher? Time to legalize all the vices and tax them to bring in billions of tax revenues. Time to end the Prohibition of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Please notify the State Legislature of this, Gatewood and Brown have pursued this for over 25 years. P.S. tell them to balance the budget. And yes, the people will vote on this and it will come to pass. Nothing speaks louder than tax revenues and creation of jobs.

Dr. Rick,

If you are a Doctor, then you have no regard for scientific information that has been researched, by some of the top scientist in the World, USA.

My difficulty with your statement is that you post about the revenue of Casino Gaming, with little regard for the impact it will have on others.


Dr. Rick,

If you are a Doctor, then you have no regard for scientific information that has been researched, by some of the top scientist in the World, USA.

My difficulty with your statement is that you post about the revenue of Casino Gaming, with little regard for the impact it will have on others.


JAS you have no regard for science either big mouth. EVERYONE GOOGLE "Number on Mental Health Issue" and shut this moron JAS up. You pick and choose your science and that is not good scientific reasoning or statistical control it is called picking your result because your biased. Your number on health issue is a farce.

I am posting another scientific report for your evaluation. Biased . . . I would be a fool not to say , YES, I AM BIASED.

I have read and studied the serious down side of this issue, and have been following this subject for three years. Try to understand it is more dynamic than you can realize.

It is not my desire to start an argument here. My intentions are to post that which I think is relevant to the discussion. Those facts which the pro casino group will not discuss.

If you doubt it is a serious social problem, then read this report. Click at the bottom for the full report. Jas in Frankfort

Hijacking the Brain Circuits
With a Nickel Slot Machine

New York Times

Compulsive gambling, attendance at sporting events, vulnerability to telephone scams and exuberant investing in the stock market may not seem to have much in common. But neuroscientists now have uncovered a common thread.

Such behaviors, they say, rely on brain circuits that evolved to help animals assess rewards important to their survival, like food and sex. Researchers have found that those same circuits are used by the human brain to assess social rewards as diverse as investment income and surprise home runs at the bottom of the ninth inning.

And, in a finding that astonishes many people, they found that the brain systems that detect and evaluate such rewards generally operate outside of conscious awareness. In navigating the world and deciding what is rewarding, humans are closer to zombies than sentient beings much of the time.

The findings, which are gaining wide adherence among neuroscientists, challenge the notion that people always make conscious choices about what they want and how to obtain it. In fact, the neuroscientists say, much of what happens in the brain goes on outside of conscious awareness.

You can read the remainder of the report at:


Read todays Herald Leader report. Big time crook gives Governor a million dollars to play with and buy the election with. Oh, yes I hear you saying the Governor knew nothing about Mr. Yung and his million dollar investment, the same way he did not know about the 10,000 donation to his celebration.

The casino issue gets deader everyday and it is time to move on.

Sorry forgot the link



Pathological Gambling: The making of a medical problem

By Brian Castellani. 222 pp. Albany, State University of New York Press, 2000.

Gambling has always existed, but only recently has it taken on the colorful and highly accessible forms we know today.

Essentially, gambling stakes something valuable — usually money — on the outcome of an entirely unpredictable event. In other words, gambling is governed by events that occur by chance — hence the term, "games of chance." A gambler's main task is to use any information available to predict the outcome of the game (although it is, of course, unpredictable). We might wonder why anyone would risk his or her financial security on such a dubious venture.


This is a mental health problem that is spreading like dry grass across the country and it is bad public policy to expose those who are not strong enough to resist the temptation of GETTING RICH WITHOUT WORKING.

And the Herald Leader report shows the depth, of the deceit, that is going on with this issue.

Who in the world wold give one million dollars to a politico if they did not expect some consideration at some point?

And who was on the advisory group to advise our Governor and his staff about CASINO GAMING?

Mr. Joe Yung, former "TROPICANA CASINO OWNER."

And, please don't offend me by saying the Governor knew nothing about this huge donation.

The casino issue is dead. What is now at issue is how much revenue do we need, how do we raise it, and what expenditures can we trim? I would start with the $8 million polar bear exhibit.

There are many ways the budget could be improved with cutting cost. What we have seen so far are reductions in EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, PUBLIC DEFENDERS, STATE PARKS and other programs.

The current administration has made this a WEDGE ISSUE. It is difficult for this blogger to understand why a governor that has so much promise for CHANGE didn't take advantage of the momentum and zero in on the most significant action the Democrats can take and that is


Why would a sitting Governor endorse a single candidate for Senator? Does anybody know?

But, the party can't do that in the near term because the Governor has made the CASINO ISSUE his main platform for his administration and the executive members of the KDP are going along with the Governor.

What misplaced set of priorities.

"I just wanna say!"

Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

Dearest Jim Stivers:


We are at a blank as to what to say. Please submit your empirically flawed definition of scientific information. Either embrace the free market global economy or remain backwards. Very few voters feel and think like yourself. Can you please explain the one billion dollar shortfall of tax revenues. I could care less about gambling, we have that now on the internet, at the races, at the Lottery. How many addicts there committing crimes? This is not a moral issue, it is an economic issue decided by voters. In my unscientific opinion, the gambling market is over extended now and will not generate what most 'experts' predict, you know the basic supply and demand issue as well as a "SCIENTIFIC COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS", with moi the only publisher at this time.

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