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February 18, 2008


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Campaign consultants like Cauley make notoriously bad Chiefs of Staff, especially if they keep farting around with people like Achoo Bergman. It's one thing to ask us to believe Cauley didn't co-ordinate with the Bluegrass Fund 527, but now he's pushing things further with Bergman/Lunsford and the Let Kentucky Vote shill front. Doesn't anyone remember Boptrot?

Cauley denied involvement!!!! He lied to the press. Hey Diamond Jim why don't you explain the Dan Seum theory!! Peice of ****

with only two comments it seems most folks don't care.

NO one can make Horne drop out. Horne looked down the road and correctly saw he could not win.

Interesting though that Alessi said that Horne has always been very accessible to the press as far as returning calls and now he's nowhere to be found. One the one hand, an enthusiastic candidate would be quick to return calls. On the other hand...

I hope people would take the position that we have a half-full glass. To me, all of the remaining Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, Kentucky are preferable to "Mitch" McConnell, and I plan to vote for the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate and the Democratic nominees for U.S. President and Vice President in November. Andrew Horne did not consult with me concerning his withdrawal, nor did I ever give him any information or advice about it. Kenneth Stepp, candidate for U.S. Senate.

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