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January 28, 2008


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If this be true, something has gone terribly wrong with our new administration. Please let it not be that something may have become rotten in Denmark.

Shakespeare sucks but I agree something is not clicking with this new administration. I can't say I will dump Beshear but I expect labor to want a small explaination. My brothers can not be happy and I thought old Shack daddy was asking the talking heads about this. I guess he was told to hush and sit down like everyone else.

Why can't Beshear support Bruce? Bruce Lunsford is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He went with his heart in 03 and made a mistake, he also apologized for it. I hope Lunsford does run and I would predict his 07 primary organization will be in place in a matter of days and add the throngs of Beshear supporters, he will cruuuz in the primary..

Yes, cruuuz like he did in the last primary.

Governor Beshear will have some explaining to do if he endorses republican lite Lunsford. I am getting tired of these elected officals forgetting who they represent. If Lunsford wants to run fine, but Beshear should worry abt Kentucky not who is running in the primary.
Sounds like beshear is not much different than McConnell who tried to get a guy out of the primary against anne northup.
Lunsford will reelect McConnell. Hell he has already given to his reelection campaign 08. Good grief

Lunsford is a business man that gives to everyone and that is nothing but good business. As for 7:32s remark, Bruce would have won if Beshear wouldn't have ran. I dare anyone to say otherwise and mean it.

You kids don't get it do you? Beshear is a one stop shopper guys. Just like Martha Layne and Jones. Patton was the only Governor since 1955 to serve consecutive terms. Beshears knows it is damn near impossible to serve two terms in this state. He doesn't care about the unions because he isn't running again. Mongiardo better keep his head down or run against Bunning.

Oh boy, don't scare me. You need to correct what you said, Bruce gives to people who can help him. He would give to Oprah if he thought it would help. Bottom line is, Bruce can not buy any race. Sorry, I said it again.

No Beshear = Governor Lunsford. Everyone knows it but no one will admit it. Beshear knows it and it shows. Lunsford's battle cry "Horne Who?".

uggggg that gives me the creeps

Gov. Beshear is smarter than that. He will not endorse Lunsford, Horne or Fischer. Give me a f****ng break.

No rumor Beshear is promoting Lunsford Fat cats stick together ya know

I am not convinced that Beshear is that smart. By encouraging Lunsford to run for US Senate, Beshear has pissed off labor, who hates Lunsford, and pissed off average Kentuckians who want to defeat McConnell.
Lunsford has donated to McConnell/Bush/Bunning/Dole/Northup. Kentucky Democrats do not like these 5 people. I, for one, will not vote for Beshear in the future. He has lost my trust and I question his motives now.

Thru DFA we received the word today that Ky Gov Beshear and Sen Shumer (D-NY) are indeed backing Lunsford. That effectively caused Horne to withdraw from the race.

I didn't vote for Beshear because he's a sleazy, slimy crook. So is Lunsford. Apparently, so is Shumer. Birds of a feather flock together....

I've lived in KY for over 15 years now, and I've never seen so many backwoods politicians with their collective heads up their collective butts, who can't see the forest for the trees. They're all a bunch of crooks and it's no wonder why the majority of Kentucky citizens that I've met don't vote. Who the hell would they vote for? When it's one crook or the other, why bother?

But when sleazy crooks force good, decent people out of political races, that bodes very ill for the people unless the people stand up to the crooked politicians. I've not seen that happen in Kentucky, except in the grassroots, which desperately needs more participation by citizens if they want to have an impact.

But as long as people believe that money wins races, we'll continue to have an oligarchy running Kentucky, as well as the United States. One thing's for sure, the rich don't give a rat's ass about the poor. And you can take that to their bank.

Kentucky deserves what it gets.

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