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January 12, 2008


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Coal... the saving grace for Horne... I guess that must mean he won't be campaigning much w/ Hillary. Capping CO2 rates won't be good for KY coal.

Coal will not be his saving grace Jonathan. Moderate policies will be "A" saving grace or a part of. If he marches into EKY and says "bad, bad coal" it will be doubtful he could carry rural Kentucky. The most important group in Kentucky is the moderates and if you have no moderate policies, you not get the moderate vote.

I don't know what Horne's true position on coal is, I will wait like everyone else to find out.

If I read The Underground Rooster correctly , it sounds like Horne is anti-coal. Should we consider him anti-coal Shack?

God Bless America if he is, you know you couldn't sale him for a plastic nickle in this neck of the woods.

Hmmm.... Spinning the comments atributed to the Colonel in the UR article as anti coal. Republican talking point?

If you guys could read you would see Horne is talking 250 years down the road. Plus the UR power phrased Horne. We have no idea what he said or didnt say. Keep reaching wingnuts!

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