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January 18, 2008


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Shack, You sure have been doing your homework - I'll say that.

After the cost of revenue the state could get did you cost out how much it would cost the state on compulsive gamblers. I've been reading a lot about the cost of compulsive gamblers on Polwatchers. What do you think about the costs on that reported over there?

Shack, I think you got this right even though I do not support casinos. Treatment for problem gamblers will cost the state at least 20 million per year. But after reading through your threads on the subject it could be paid for with a admission tax.

$20 million! How did you get that total? It is more like 1 or 2 million per year. People have to sign up for these programs.

One thing you can make a sure bet on.


It just won't work and it they do, they will let the visitors know that the Commonwealth of Kentucky imposed this admission tax on you, it was not US. (The Casino operators)

JAS do your homework before getting on this site and making a fool out of yourself. MOST states charge an admission tax and ALL casinos pay it.

Just like you said NO casino will pay a 40% tax huh huh huh. You sit around writing your responses from emotion not facts.

My grandma always told us kids we had more than a few drops of Cherokee in us. What say we get together and get that license in London-the one the crook who got kicked out of Indiana is trying to buy-the guy who bought whores for legislators and contributed to Beshear's inaugural fund. With our tax exemption we could offer the best odds in the state.

What's the scuttlebut on why these numbers were low? After all, weren't these Jody's committee's numbers? Was it just a case of letting the chips fall where they might or was there some economist shopping?

I have not visited the neighboring states which offer gambling. I made an assumption,
I do know Vegas has no door charge.

Wow! Pay me to let you loose your money.

What a great idea and how caring.


Correct me . . . inform me.

What state get's 40%.


JAS - You sir, are NO fool! You have probably done more actual research on casinos than any in this state - and that includes all of the politicians!

That said, one post on this blog is troubling to me, as a democrat.

Someone wrote that treatment for compulsive gamblers "could be paid for with a admission tax."

What troubles my democratic heritage about that post is this. That sounds so dismissive of the enormous catastrophes that will affect real people. Enormous financial and social problems of REAL wives, husbands, children, mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles and friends of the compulsive gambler is being dismissed because of admission costs.

With all due respect to the author of that comment, let me say a few things. Before a compulsive gambler admits they have a problem -- does anyone realize the depths of darkness that person and their loved ones will endure BEFORE treatment is even sought?

Has anyone read the statistics on what goes on BEFORE treatment is sought?

- Studies indicate 25-50 percent of spouses of problem gamblers have been abused.

- Children of compulsive gamblers are often prone to suffer abuse, as well as neglect.

- Children of problem gamblers are at a higher risk of developing health threatening behaviors, including alcohol and drug abuse, problem gambling, eating disorders, depression, and suicide.


And those are a list of the tip of the iceberg. The compulsive gambler will hit ROCK BOTTOM before he/she will seek help. Lose their job, steal, lose their families, etc. that will all be done BEFORE they even begin to seek help.

"If there were no social costs caused by gambling, there would be no reason to object to it" ... quote by Earl L. Grinols, an Illinois economist, who has studied the financial and social effects of gambling.

Seems to me Kentucky politicians have their head up their butts.

First, they pass laws saying it's ILLEGAL to smoke cigarettes (a legal substance) in a bar because it could harm non-smokers in the bar. Yet, they will pass a law allowing casinos in this state KNOWING that casino gamblers can cause detriment to non-gamblers.

Let's see how many people our Kentucky politicians are helping by making it ILLEGAL to smoke legalized cigarettes.

From the cancer society:
- Approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths occur each year among adult nonsmokers in the United States as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke.
.... those 3,000 accounts for (less than) < 2% of the 172,570 new lung cancer cases a year.
.... Estimated annual cost: $157 billion

Kudos to politicians for putting a stop to the increase of lung cancer -- 1 case of lung cancer per year is one case too many.

Here's where they have their heads up their butts.

They want to legalize casinos when all studies, including studies from casino industries, say that compulsive gamblers are likely to commit suicide and each problem gambler negatively impacts 10 to 17 people around them, including family, employer, co-workers, and government.

.... In the USA three percent of the population are considered to be problem gamblers.
.... 60,000 Kentuckians could become compulsive gamblers and feed their addiction if casinos are in this state.
.... Estimated annual cost of compulsive gamblers: $40 billion

The casino industry even acknowledges that addicted gamblers often face job loss, bankruptcy and forced home sales, and they are at greater risk to commit crimes like forgery and embezzlement.

Why are Kentucky politicians not willing to put a stop to the problems of compulsive gambling?

Shack you have been invaded by the trolls. It is easy to see the last two comments came from the same person. I would guess the person who had all those neat little naes, like "Jake - you're still not telling the truth, Jake - grow up, Jake is Nickolas clone except Jake's violent, Jake is violent, KEEP wants 64% of casino money, KEEP is untrustworthy, KEEP hides its agenda an so on are the same people.

Governor Beshear says we need casinos to raise money for the purse at the racetrack --

Tobacco Farms paid taxes which went into the general fund -- they are a dying breed.

Politicians dictate that smokers cannot smoke in public places to reduce lung cancer and the costs of lung cancer -- thus putting Kentucky tobacco farmers out of business

Why are politicians going to INCREASE the number of compulsive gamblers which could cost the state a minimum of 1/2 BILLION dollars a year.

Why are the politicians NOT protecting the "people" from compulsive gamblers like they protect the people from smokers?

Suicide from compulsive gambling is still a dead person!

Actually, That is the same person, I don't mind people posting over and over, I don't mind if they use different names.
I have never, too many times, called people out for that.

But, I have to say this person that was going after Jake Payne posted a comment here under the name,"I'm For Horne", trying to suggest he or she was a Horne supporter and Jake was screwing Horne for having a hard line opinion. I will call you out for that crap.

To the poster that indicated I favored an admission tax, for the phantom casino's.

Someone posted we can treat the problem gamblers with an admission charge to the Casinos. I replied that would not happen.

Not having been to the border states to gamble I was wrong, as some do charge a general admission. I was comparing my experience in Vegas, where there is NO ADMISSION CHARGE TO GAMBLE AWAY YOUR MONEY.

Let's vote the CASINO ISSUE, but lets have some of the politico's speak of the other side of the issue. So far there has been little discussion expect for BLOG comments.

jas in frankfort,ky.

Shack, Buddy check into that last comment you wrote. I'm the poster, "Jake doesn't know everything."

I can assure you that if you double check your ... whatever is you check ... you'll see that the "I'm for Horne" poster is NOT me; couldn't be.

PS - Shack, After you double check and find, without a doubt, the "I'm for Horne" poster is NOT "Jake doesn't know everything" poster -- please correct your above comment with what you find.



Where is the casino money going to go? I mean like percentages.

Like, if you're right & if we can get $500 million from casinos -- what is the breakdown, in percentages, of where that money will go?

National statistics show this is a pattern or behavior for problem and compulsive gamblers.

Reports I read say 3% of the USA population are considered to be problem or compulsive gamblers. If half the Kentucky voters participate in time , according to National reports, 60,000 Kentucky families will be impacted. And, the impact on compulsive gamblers spreads to 14 others that feel the impact of the illness.

From a WEB LOG report:


Problem gambling adversely affects the family of the gambler in a number of
ways because of the problem gambler's altered behavior, dishonesty and

What can be lost or damaged:

• Trust is often the first casualty in the family of the problem gambler.
Change in the behavior of the family member is often attributed to many
other possible problems before gambling is identified as the problem.

• Respect for the problem gambler is generally lost once this problem has
been identified. “Why can’t you just stop so the problem will go away?”
“You can fix this!” When the gambler can’t respect for them is lost.

• Relationships are built on trust and respect. Without these, family
relationships will be weakened or destroyed.

• Family Dynamic is dependent on each family member meeting the needs
of the others. Problem gambling can destroy the ability of the gambler to
do this.

• Employment can be affected in various ways. The gambler will often
neglect responsibilities at work and/or develop an attendance problem as
they begin to have less control over their need to gamble. In the worst
situation, the gambler will steal from their employer in order to continue
their gambling. Any of this can lead to loss of employment and prosecution.

• Financial security for the family is often lost as the gambler seeks more
and more resources with which to gamble. All of the family’s financial
resources may be liquidated without their knowledge. Savings, home equity, retirement accounts, children’s savings, etc may all be lost or damaged.

• Reputations are difficult to protect as the gambling problem affects more and more aspects of the gambler’s life and become known by individuals outside of the family.

What can result:

• Stress is a certain occurrence for all of the family members of the

• Isolation between the gambler and their family generally occurs as their
behavior changes.

• Neglect of dependents occurs as the gambler losses more and more
control of their behavior.

• Distrust occurs between other family members as the extent of the
problem and the extent of financial loss and the ramifications of this
become known.

Created Jan 2007 2

• Resentment/Anger also follows as the gambler loses control and the
scope of the problem becomes known.

• Domestic violence may result in a family affected by a member with an
addiction problem. The family of a problem gambler can be impacted just
as easily as that of someone with an alcohol or drug addiction. The
problem gambler may be the victim or perpetrator.

• Co-occurring disorders such as depression, substance abuse, and other
compulsive behaviors often occur as a result of or along with the gambling

Other Family Issues

• Children of problem gamblers have a higher probability of developing a gambling problem than those with parents who do not gamble. This follows the pattern as experienced by children of those affected by substance and domestic violence.


It is not an Evangelical Problem or opinion the opinions that have been posted by this blogger are facts.

Sure we gamble already but you ain't seen nothing yet. I hope that a memeber of your family is not impacted by compulsive gambling. It tears a family apart.


The New England Journal of Medicine reports that problem gamblers and compulsive gamblers are the NUMBER ONE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE IN THE UNITED STATES.

I MEANT 12:35 PM . . . SORRY. JAS

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