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January 19, 2008


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Mitch McConnell is well-funded. He has the Republican establishment, the big-money donors, and the power of incumbency behind him. We need every ounce of help you can give if we’re going to succeed in slaying the dragon.

Republicans are a minority Nation Wide. The Democrats have more funds available than any political party, more funds than any political action group.

If the Colonel wants to fight, let him fight for lower taxes, let him fight for a free market economy where unemployment is non-existent. The Colonel has yet to produce a cost benefit analysis of his undisclosed platform. Getting rid of Mitch is not a platform. Bring jobs to Kentucky is what is needed. Good jobs provide good health insurance in the free market economy. Less government and more freedom, the Colonel should Know this, unless of course he is a tyrant like most Democrats.

I don't know what the reaction is among the MSM, but for those of us who support Mitch McConnell, Horne's escapade is causing heartburn of a different type-- as it's causing paroxysms of laughter.

Assocating with an anti semitic web site that takes pleasure in the deaths of Americans is hardly a sign of a winning candidacy in Kentucky. I'm beginning to think that Fischer will win this thing and get to spend a few of his millions after all.


I have heard this bit about the anti-Semites at the Daily KOS. Even when Harold Ford stoked the fire last August, the Kos responded.

Don't play the same games as those national partisans, being Democratic or Republican, they play a dangerous game. I don't agree with the notion that if you are against Israel in any way you are by default an anti-Semite, I don't buy that crap.

I am a rabid supporter of Israel, I have been in flat out fist fights over it. But as much as I love the Holy Land, I can tell the difference.

It is called freedom of speech, anyone can say anything they want, doesn't mean they can't get their ass kicked for it. But you can not judge a man for wanting to reach out on a platform that serves millions a week. One of these days you poor old Republicans will figure it out, until then, leave the netroots stuff to us, you repugs are way too uptight for the medium.

I hope McConnell gets his arse kicked hard this time...and hope the door hits him as he goes out.

show me one event that Mitch will put on that can draw people, i can't think of one, every time i see him he's running to hide."out of time Mitch"

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