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January 31, 2008


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John Kerry: "I served in Vietnam."

Andrew Horne: "I served in Iraq."

Didn't work for Kerry and won't work for Horne.

Free trade is bad for KY. Ask those workers at Toyota in Georgetown.

BTW, who cares anymore. It's Lunsford's to lose.


The DSCC will pump millions of dollars and staff into this race on behalf on Lunsford. Horne and Fischer are both good men. However , this is really not about who is the better man or who has the most money. It is about who can beat Mitch. Let's wait and see how things develop.


How many Democrats out there would support Bruce Lunsford as the Democratic Nominee against McConnell? Hands up!
This is the same so called Democrat who endorsed Republican Ernie Fletcher in 2003, the same who has donated over $47,000 in campaign contributions to people like George W Bush, Senator Mitch McConnell, including his 2008 reelection fund, Senator Jim Bunning, ex congressman Anne Northup and Bob Dole.
Iwould never support Lunsford. He is a republican really. Labor will NEVER support Lunsford. Average Kentuckians will not support Lunsford. He will not have people volunteer for him.
I mean someone who has contrinuted to Bush/McConnell/Bunning/Northup/Dole does not inspire me. I have better things to do in my life than support a Democrat in name only. I strongly belive I am not the only Kentuckian like that.
Lunsford has spent 14 million in 2 state wide races and never gotten over 21 percent of the vote. I look for that to continue if he is the nominee. Is that what we want for our democratic nominee. Not me. I support Andrew Horne. Andrewhorne.org
I am not scared of the Democratic Senatorial Committee. They have a record of supporting losers. It is time the Commonwealth takes our state into our own hands and tells Washington where to go.


If the DSCC wanted to touch this race, they wouldn't be recruiting a self-funder for the seat. They won't drop a penny in this race, much less "millions," unless we make this race competitive on our own and force them to pay attention.

But no, there's no way they're going to fund someone whose biggest (read: only) selling point to them is his willingness to spend his own millions.

first time i joined a union was 1972. I wouldn't vote for LUNDsFUCK if he's the only one running i will stay home.

Lunsford says McConnell is bad and McConnell pulls out cancelled check from Lunsford. How's that work? Thanks Governor for nothing.

North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). Learn Spanish and French and prosper. It is there, a reality deal with it.

Horne's donors can pony up 3x? That'll make him rich, yeah. Most of Horne's donors probably can't afford the maximum contribution. They probably can't afford to triple what they've already given.

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