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January 12, 2008


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One term for these is "milker" bills/actions-- as one interest group uses actions by another to milk its members for contributions.

I just received a call from the ACLJ a few minutes ago, asking for money to fight Michael Newdow's latest attempt to get "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance. (To most people, the reference is to the god of civil religion, so its elimination would not trouble me much if at all.) Perhaps Newdow is really under the employ of the ACLJ? In any case, they have to be happy to use him as a fund-raising op.

I am passing along this post from a concerned citizen. This was a reply to an earlier post I made concerning CASINO GAMBLING.


IT IS DISGRACEFUL.AND DOES NOT OFFER MUCH "SUNSHINE", AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES. Are we the voters and citizens of the Commonwealth, going to be overwhelmed with Casino money and Thoroughbred money?

Mr. Stivers,

I just googled "Kentucky casino gambling at racetracks" and found an interesting article from National Thoroughbred Racing Association dated 11/9/2007.

Check out this paragraph:
"One of the principal players in horse-industry lobbying is the Kentucky Equine Education Project, which was formed in 2004 and two years later presented a bill to the legislature that would give the racing industry 64 percent of an estimated $1.2 billion in casino proceeds. The chairman of the organization, Brereton Jones, is a horse breeder and former Kentucky governor. During 2006, when the legislature last considered expanded gambling, the group spent millions of dollars on advertising that supported casinos at racetracks."

Did you catch the part: "two years later [KEEP] presented a bill to the legislature that would give the racing industry 64 percent of an estimated $1.2 billion in casino proceeds. The chairman of the organization, Brereton Jones, is a horse breeder and former Kentucky governor."

Do you think that's why Beshear is being so deceitful about Boswell's bill? Do you think Beshear will push for the racing industry to get 64% of casino proceeds? Man! Those are some greedy people!

We've got a high rate of both adults & children uninsured, a high poverty rate and need more funding so more children can afford college and these greedy horse people have ALREADY presented a Bill that would allow them 64% of casino proceeds. THAT'S what drives Gov. Beshear ... he stands to personally benefit from such a bill.

Posted by: BrerJoneswants64%CasinoProceeds | January 11, 2008 at 05:42 PM

We need casino's and we must trust the legislation governing them is sound and will be a positive contributor to Kentucky's coffers.
We will see so much propaganda from anti casino groups and they will throw every study in the book at the proponents. The only statistics and numbers that matter at this point is our revenue numbers. Kentucky is built on gambling and it will take a true hypocrite to oppose casinos.

5:33 - Your comment above is pure rubbish. It is not hypocritical to enjoy gambling but oppose putting casinos in this state.

The horse industry wants 64% of casino proceeds. That was published in the magazine National Thoroughbred Racing Association. I doubt the Racing Assoc. is publishing false information on casinos.

I oppose putting casinos in this state because I don't trust elected government officials. That seems to be a national problem - government leaders cannot be trusted because of their own unethical actions. Like Beshear's good friend, Brer. Jones wanting 64% of the casino action. And how much would Governor Beshear personally gain if the horsy people get 64% of the proceeds?

James Stivers PROVED government can't be trusted with casinos when he posted above,

In 2006, KEEP presented a bill to the legislature that would give the racing industry 64 percent of an estimated $1.2 billion in casino proceeds. The chairman of the organization, Brereton Jones, is a horse breeder and former Kentucky governor.

Those who do not pay attention to history are doomed to make the same mistakes.
The last time BRIBERY was involved, it was the HORSE INDUSTRY that was in the middle.


Operation Boptrot

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Boptrot, also referred to as Boptrot, was an investigation by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into corruption among the state of
Kentucky's legislature. The operation was highly successful, leading to the conviction
of more than a dozen legislators between 1992 and 1995. The investigation also led to reform legislation being passed in 1993.

Operation Boptrot

The sting, dubbed Operation Boptrot, involved legislators who accepted bribes and other illegal inducements to support horse-racing legislation in KY.

The FBI's original target was the Kentucky General Assembly's Business, Organization, and Professions Committees (the "BOP" in BOPTROT), which oversaw state laws regulating horse racing (the "trot" in BOPTROT).

Convictions as a result of Boptrot
House Speaker Don Blandford pleaded guilty after 1992 indictment on charges of extortion, racketeering and lying. He was sentenced to 64 months in prison and was fined $10,000.

Sen. John Hall pleaded guilty to conspiracy and other charges stemming from 1992 indictment in Operation BopTrot.

Rep. Clay Crupper pleaded guilty after 1992 indictment and was fined $10,000 on charges of interstate travel in aide of racketeering.

Rep. Ronny Layman was indicted in 1992 on charges of conspiracy to commit extortion and lying to the FBI. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months of home detention and community service.

Rep. Bill McBee was sentenced to a 15-month prison term for his role in Operation BopTrot.

Rep. Jerry Bronger was indicted in 1992 and later pleaded guilty to charges that he accepted $2,000 in exchange for blocking legislation that would hurt harness race tracks. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison.

Sen. Helen Garrett was charged in 1992 with taking a $2,000 bribe from a track in exchange for helping pass legislation. She pleaded guilty and received four years probation.

Sen. David LeMaster was indicted in 1993, and acquitted of extortion and racketeering, but convicted of lying. He was sentenced to a year in prison and fined $30,000, but served just one day after resigning from the legislature.

Sen. Art Schmidt pleaded guilty to a 1993 indictment for withholding fact that he took a $20 cash payment from another senator tied to Operation BopTrot. He was sentenced to probation and fined $2,500.

Sen. Patti Weaver pleaded guilty after 1993 indictment charging that she was promised help finding a job in exchange for support of legislation. She was sentenced to weekend incarceration, probation and community service and was fined $10,000.

Sen. Virgil Pearman pleaded guilty after 1993 indictment charging that he took an illegal $3,000 campaign contribution. He was sentenced to three months in a halfway house, probation and was fined $5,000.

Rep. Bill Strong pleaded guilty after 1993 indictment charges that he took an illegal $3,000 campaign contribution and did not deposit the money into his campaign fund. He was sentenced to three months in a halfway house, probation and was fined $3,000.

Sen. Landon Sexton pleaded guilty after 1994 indictment charging that he took an illegal $5,000 cash campaign contribution. He was sentenced to 15 consecutive weekends in jail, home detention for two months and probation for two years. In addition he was fined $5,000.

Rep. Richard Turner plead guilty to a 1993 charge that he filed a false campaign finance report. Charges that he took an illegal $3,000 cash campaign contribution were dropped.

Sen. John Rogers was sentenced in 1994 to 42 months in prison after conviction on charges of extortion, conspiracy, attempted extortion, mail fraud and lying to the FBI.

Here's a skit I'm working on ... I need you all to help me finish this.

SCENE: Five years ago Indiana legalized the sale of drugs in some locations.


There's this house across the river in Indiana. Lots of drugs being sold out of that house. Lots of money being made on the drug sales and the Indiana Drug Lords are getting rich. Lots of teens and adults from Kentucky spending their money on those Indiana drugs. The Indiana Drug Lords are spending all that money in Indiana - not Kentucky. Hmmm.... not good, Kentucky is losing all that money to that Indiana drug house -- money that could be spent in Kentucky instead of Indiana.

In walks a new Kentucky governor. He reminds the voters of Ky. that "Kentucky is losing MILLIONS of dollars every year because people are buying Indiana drugs."

The new governor decides it's in Kentucky's best interest to push for a constitutional amendment legalizing the sale of drugs in 9 Kentucky houses to help balance Kentucky's budget.

In fact, the Kentucky governor says, "Studies show that legalizing the sale of drugs will gain Ky. $500Million dollars a year and then we could have insurance for ALL and improve education - trust me!"

Ok .. here's where I'm at a loss ... I can go two ways here ....

1. do the voters of Kentucky vote for the drug amendment to fund Kentucky's budget even though, drug abuse & addiction accounts for a rise in divorce rate, suicide rate, child abuse, and other social problems - not to mention states that already had legalized the sale of drugs have a higher percent of high school drop out and a higher percentage of uninsured.

.... or ....

2. do the voters of Kentucky demand that the government budget the books without bringing in drugs that would destroy so many families if family members were to become drug addicts?

Casino opponents will throw any piece of shit at the wall and hope to god something sticks.
Drugs! Oh my God!
Degenerate Gamblers! Oh my God!
Fatherless Children! Oh My God!
Organized Crime in Kentucky! Oh my God!
Suicide! Oh my God!
High Divorce Rates! Oh My God!
Political Corruption! Oh my God!

One thing these morons will not tell you is Kentucky already has these problems. Most get paid to come to a state and scare the hell out of the old people. Go away, we need the revenue!

1:58 Oh yes, Kentucky does already have the problems of drugs, divorce, etc., why would you want to bring in an industry that will make those problems WORSE?

We will get no needed revenue from casinos. Just look at Nevada.

The study by the Fordham Institute for Innovation in Social Policy reserved the ''social recession'' designation given to Nevada for the eight states that ranked the worst -- from 43rd to 50th -- in a composite of 16 social indicators, including such things as infant mortality and average wages, based on data from 2000.

- The survey found that Nevada was 50th in the nation in suicide among the elderly and food stamp coverage,

- 49th in high school completion

- 47th in teenage drug abuse.

- Nevada ranked 46th in homicides,

- 44th in teenage suicide.

- Nevada ranked 43rd in child abuse.

- Its only ranking in the top 10 was 4th for ''housing cost burden,'' a measure of the average construction cost of a house in relation to per capita income.

There's no dreams in Nevada or money either in Nevada. Is that what we want HERE, in our old Kentucky home?

To follow up with 1:58 -
Look at Nevada's stats. The casino capital of the world. If gambling was the cure-all to pay for healthcare, education and other social programs then Nevada would be top in education, have the fewest uninsured, and the lowest teen suicide rate.

1. Nevada has one of the HIGHEST drop out rate of any state in the country.

2. Nevada ranks dead LAST for the number of students who go directly to college after graduation, according to National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.
"Nevada has one of the lowest graduation rates in 9th through 12th grades, and one of the lowest college-going rates in the country as well as one of the lowest college graduation rates," said Patrick Kelly of the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems."

3. 2007 Nevada Kids Count Data Book, produced by the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

a. cites the number of students living in poverty has INCREASED.

b. One in five people moving to Las Vegas for low-skill service jobs have a sixth-grade education or lower, the report states. (Get that, 6th grade education level or lower - is that what we want in Ky.)

c. It (Nev. Kids Count Data Book) also blames the gaming industry, for creating disincentives for some students to remain in school - luring students away from school for low paying jobs.

4. In 2006, Nevada ranked 7th highest in the nation for the percentage of UNINSURED.

5. In 2003, Nevada had the 3rd highest percentage of uninsured children in the nation who did not receive needed care.

6. The percentage of uninsured children in Nevada has been higher than the national average every year since 1990.
Not so rosy in Nevada. The gambling industry has NOT cured Nevada's social or economic problems.

Mr. Jim A. Stivers recently posted that government is duty-bound to take care of and protect the PEOPLE of the state -- Stiver's words are fact - that IS the role of government.

To Governor Beshear I say, "Take care of the PEOPLE before the PURSE."

I used to get so mad at my dad when he wouldn't let me do things my buddies were doing. He'd say, 'if they were jumping off the empire state bldg would you jump too?'

The drug skit is a fantastic parallel to the casino industry.

Do we bring in an industry (casinos) knowing full well that the social and economic basis of this state will drop even farther than it already is?

Do we sell out our welfare programs so the horse industry can take 64% of casino proceeds?

I don't want casinos near my home because I don't want all the slime that goes with them. I don't mind driving to Indiana for my gambling fix - let that state deteriorate - jokes on them.

R U saying Kentuckians are stupid and we need our all powerfull goverment to save us from ourselves? Let us vote you commie shithead and I am sure us stupid Kentuckians will pass it! Thats why youre fighting to keep us from doing it.

8:41 - Naturally, if Gov. Beshear wants the people to vote on putting casinos in Kentucky BOTH the good facts and the bad facts must be presented to the people.

The people should know the stats on Nevada - don't you agree.

The only way "stupid" Kentuckians would pass the casino bill is if Kentuckians are kept "stupid" by withholding factual data for them to form an educated opinion on the matter.

We'll see just how much Governor Beshear shares with the people of this state. His motives are obvious ... check out that donor list.

You're not afraid of letting the people know the facts are you?

8:53 - Are you saying it's "stupid" to gamble because when you gamble you rarely win, so you're throwing your money away?

Or ...

are you saying it's stupid to drive all the way to Indiana just to throw your money away?

or ...

are you saying it's stupid that Indiana has casinos and all the increased social and economic woes that goes with casinos and you want Kentucky to have those same problems?

Maybe you could finish that 'skit' above. The one where Kentuckians drive to Indiana to buy Indiana drugs ... and the new governor wants that drug money to stay in Kentucky so the new governor wants a Constitutional Amendment legalizing the sale of drugs in Kentucky .... you know the one above @ 1:36 1/12/08.

I'm sure you agree that ALL Kentuckians deserve to know ALL the facts (good & bad) and Gov. Beshear should be duty-bound to provide ALL the facts about bringing casinos to Kentucky -- um ... that is if his wealthy contributors allow him to be honest?

9:38 - I haven't read one single comment that even suggests the people should not vote.

All of the comments seem to be saying yes, let the people vote but give the voters a complete picture with both pros & cons of casinos coming to this state.

Surely, you would not want to keep the voters uninformed of both pros & cons would you? That would not very democratic of you, now would it?

PS. You sound a little parinoid. I doubt anyone would accuse James Anderson Stivers as being anything except an informed democrat.

PPS. You say, "we need the cash." Are you assuming that casinos will bail Kentucky out of a cash-flow problem? HA HA HA HA ... if casinos were the cure-all for Kentucky's cash-flow problem then why is Nevada in such bad shape? Learn from Nevada's POOR economy that casinos do NOT provide for an economic boom in a state.

I don't understand why Gov. Beshear is being so dishonest with the drafting of the casino bill.

The casino bill is already in the senate - SB19 & SB20.

Yet, every article I read the governor says he is still drafting the bill. What gives with that dishonest answer ... THE CASINO BILL IS IN THE SENATE!!!

My concern is that Beshear will be equally dishonest when it comes to empowering the voters with both the pros & cons about casinos.

Why is Beshear being dishonest when the casino bill is already written and in the senate????!!!!

Rural Democrat, I read your blog more and more now. Keep up the good work!

12:24 - Since when does the governor (executive branch) get to write the bills? That's the job of the legislative branch. Beshear might want to check out the Constitutional Laws he's breaking if he thinks he can do the job of BOTH branches. It's against the Constitution for one branch (executive) to assume the powers of another branch (legislative).

The way this country is set up: The legislative branch WRITES the bills and passes the bills then those go to the executive branch to be signed into law or vetoed. Then, the judicial branch makes sure the laws are constitutional.

King Beshear really does need to read the constitution. Um.. has any one seen John Y Brown 3 getting down on all 4's and bowing to King Beshear lately ... John Y. Brown 3 told the press he did that you know. SICK PUPPY THAT NUMBER 3.

10:00 youre an idiot!

11:26 - Why did you say 10:00 is an idiot?

The poster that person was talking to, 12:24 wrote, "The gov will draft this extensive bill the way he sees fit ... The real operating bill is still being drafted by the gov, the bill that will dictate the locations of future casinos."

10:00 wrote back and said the governor does not have the power nor the legal authority to draft aka WRITE bills. That's a violation of both the US & Ky. Constitution. It's called "separation of powers." DUHHHHHH

The funniest thing is 12:24 couldn't say why Gov. Beshear is being dishonest & disingenuous when he PRETENDS that the casino bills SB19 & SB20 are in committee right now. Face it, as much as this blog keeps telling us to trust Beshear, his inability to respect the laws of this state are glaring.

For instance, Beshear has NO constitutional authority to write our bills. Secondly, Beshear appointee, Jonathan Miller, broke state merit laws & state personnel laws -- Thirdly, Beshear appointee, Egbers, has conspired with Jonathan Miller to falsify personnel documents just to avoid an investigation into the state laws Jonathan Miller has been accused of breaking.

And this blog wants US to trust this administration ... ha ha ha ha ... only if you drug the water dude.


What in the 2 casino bills, SB19 & SB20, that are in Committee right now, does Steve Beshear not like? Why is he pretending those casino bills don't exist?

12:24 wrote, "The real operating bill is still being drafted by the gov, the bill that will DICTATE the locations of future casinos."

Last I checked, we live in a country of democracy NOT DICTATORSHIP.

Governor Beshear's friend, Senator Boswell (D) drafted, prefiled & filed both casino bills SB19 & SB20. That's how the 3 branches work in this democracy. Legislative branch WRITES the bills and files the bills.

Steve Beshear really does think he is the dictator and decider of this state -- Beshear acts just like George Bush - the other decider/dictator.

It's too bad if Steve Beshear doesn't like Boswell's casino bills - Steve Beshear has NO authority to DICTATE BILLS.

KEEP and Brer Jones and Steve Beshear want 64% of casino proceeds to go to the horse industry -- Boswell's bill slots close to 11% to go to the horse industry.

There is ALREADY 2 casino bills in the senate. Why does the governor want to waste time drafting HIS bill when the democrats - Sen. David Boswell (D) - already HAVE the bill in the senate?

It IS NOT the job of the executive branch - governor - to draft a casino bill when there is already a casino bill in the senate.

Since there is already a casino bill in the senate, the ONLY way Beshear can alter that bill is WHEN IT GETS TO HIS DESK. That's the way this country was set up.

Legislative branch draft the bill and pass the bill. Next it goes to the executive branch - THAT IS THE PLACE BESHEAR'S INPUT IS LEGALLY ALLOWED.

Beshear is NOT "any" citizen. He is governor and HAS to obey the constitutional laws granted to his office.

For Beshear to write a casino bill when HIS OWN party has already submitted a casino bill is Beshear illegally trying to do the job of the executive branch.

Again, Beshear is NOT any citizen -- he has to follow the laws granted to his office.

The Governor can NOT write nor interpret laws.

This country is a democracy. You need to familiarize yourself with the way the "checks and balances" or the separation of powers, work in this country.

The legislature, not the governor and not the courts, write the law.

The Governor heads a co-equal branch of government charged with enforcing the law, and may put in his 2 cents about a bill WHEN the bill gets to his desk - but he may NOT write the law.

The governor may even propose legislation. Meaning, the governor can suggest ideas and announce plans of intended idea
-- But the governor may NOT write our laws.

This governor, Beshear chooses not to abide by the US & Ky. Constitution by sitting in his office drafting a casino bills (when there are already 2 in the senate) and then Beshear is quoted as saying, "It will be MY bill"
-- Beshear crosses over the constitutional lines that guarantee separation of powers if he is drafting laws for this state.

Meaning, if Beshear is writing laws, DICTATING laws - he is violating both the US. & Ky. constitution by chosing to ignore the separtation of powers.

The checks and balances of the way this government works can be found in any 5th grade civics book.

Here is the only Constitutional power Beshear has with regard to the casino bills - If Beshear doesn't like Boswell's casino bills the only power Governor Beshear has is to VETO that bill if and when it gets to his desk.

I'll simplify if for you:
Legislative may write & pass laws.. and the governor may veto them.

This country enforces the separation of powers, which keeps all branches separate and gives them each distinct powers, to prevent abuse of power.

Governor Beshear is abusing his office of governor if he is writing casino laws.

Not only is governor besehar abusing his office of governor by writing our laws -- governor beshear is violating both the US & Ky. Constitution.

Governors may not write our laws.
Presidents may NOT write our laws.
V. Presidents may NOT write our laws.

They can only suggest what they want in a law -- they may NOT write the laws.

11:23 & 12:24 - same person I suspect is a complete do*pe when comes to knowing how and laws are written and by whom.

Governor Beshear has not said he is 'assisting' in the draft he said he is writting the bill and he said, "It will be MY bill." That is a clear violation of the US & Ky. Constitution separation of powers.

By the way 11:23 & 12:24 - You've got it backwards. The governor does NOT write laws and then that law go to the legislative branch.

The way it works in THIS country is: the legislative branch writes the laws and then that law goes to the governor for approval ... veto or no veto.

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