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January 30, 2008


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Is Eastern State University and Eastern Kentucky University the same thing? Jeez Louise

Jennifer A. Moore, Chair
Kentucky Democratic Party

Ms. Moore, Why is it when we see numbers and demographics about the income and the budget very little is said, other than four lines about CASINO GAMBLING?

Ms. Moore, you and the high rollers of the Democratic Party need to take off the aluminum hats and look at the gambling issue with clear vision.

The cost of treating compulsive gambling in Maryland is One BILLION, (with a B).

Kentucky, at this time, has no provision for treating people with the mental illness of gambling.

Take your head out of the POLITICAL SAND
and look at the the facts. Kentucky currently has 24,000 compulsive gamblers.

Statics show when Casinos come to a geography that count doubles. If we have Casino Gaming, in Kentucky how much will it cost to treat 60,000 of our citizens who become compulsive gamblers?

You don't know, do you.

But, do you care?

So, all we have seen are the PHANTON figures from KEEP and your own General Assembly proved those figures to be wrong.

Get off the ILLUSIVE GAMBLING TRAIN and think about those that will be impacted.

I do and it worries me, a lot!

"I just wanna say!"

Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

This Governor is crying poverty and he's going to spend money on effing polar bears? Maaan o Maaan that's effed up.

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