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January 20, 2008


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Cross is correct to report the LRC's analysis. It would though have been more correct for a media reporter rather than a teaching reporter to do so.
The track record of management in Kentucky is abysmal: Lunsford, Meeker, David Jones, J.Y. Brown and the succession of Governors like Brer Jones, Brown, Patton.
I can think of only three Kentuckians to have lead the management team at a Fortune rated company lately: Cherry of Humana, Bailey at Conoco-DuPont and Todd at Lotus. If there are more and there should be ... I don't know who they are.
When's the last time a Kentuckian led any of our armed force at the 3 or 4 Star level? The only ones I can recall of the recent times are Wallace of Middletown & Barron of Madisonville, both Army 3-Stars.
The limit of my knowledge is not an indictment of my position - nay, it is buttment.
Even more seriously is praise on you for opening the dialog.
Additionally, I'm in favor of local taxes that stay in local communities to pay for local government. Extraordinarily democratic --- what?

And now on to more pressing issues:
What to do with Mr.Fischer?

Well, all you progressive or liberal brothers and sisters ... how many remember the old Howdy Doody Show? I ask because this morning while lounging around reading the Sunday papers with this weekend's BimBette, Mr.Fischer's recent conversion was one of our topics of discussion and I had a "Cowabonga" moment.

1. a. Mr.Fischer needs to show his stones.
b. Mr.Fischer needs to make his bones.
2. We want Rev.Ron, congressman Lewis from Ky-2 gone.
3. One needn't live in his district to represent it, but part of Jefferson County is in Ky-2.
4. If Mr.Fischer takes on Lewis and pounds his pubes (Lewis'), he is in position to challenge Bunning for his seat.
5. In two years he doesn't have to listen to this and we have no business bringing this up.
6. If he's only a qualified success, he's better than Lewis and still better than Bunning.

Well fellow cow- boys & girls does BimBette have a solution for us? and a path of redemption for Mr.Fischer? If I'm too eager to sign on to the solution it would be that I used to be Republican and my conversion was honest and quick. Over a period of about 3 months, I re-evaluated my position in the community and my life commandments. It was a complete review and the recision was nearly universal. My wife even divorced me over the resultant outcome.

Everyone out there is free to take a shot here. Use my public E-mail or rebuttals on-site as you please.

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