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December 16, 2007


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It appears that the project is an effort to fix highways in Pike Co.(Patton) and pulaski(Rogers). and then drop the project.

Instead of that project lets spend that money on 4 lanning 119.The project for 66 is a dud.

Now that analysis I agree with! 119 needs attention like no other highway in Hal's district. The bridge to nowhere project should also get a boost from Beshear and Hal, a good bi-partisan effort would save that project.

People calling projects in Eastern Kentucky "Bridges to Nowhere" makes me want to kick their ass. I believe Happy Chandler called Bert Combs' Mountain Parkway the same thing, and we all can see how much it has accomplished. I-66 is a vastly needed corridor in this region, that will bring jobs, as well as business and infrastructure to the region.

Big Sandy, maybe you need to do some research before you make a fool out of yourself. The "bridge to nowhere" is a dead as hell industrial park in Bell County that had a bridge built that goes NOWHERE! Idiot.

Hey Bigsandy why dont go on down to the "bridge to nowhere" and set up shop! I am sure some of us Harlan countians will accommodate you!

119 is a "bridge to nowhere" in and of itself. The whole area from wallins on down will be one big ghost town in the next 20 years. The advice that young folks in our area get is to "get the hell out of harlan county". I'm willing to bet 2 out of 5 people in harlan who go to the post office every first of the month didn't do anything to earn one damn dime they are getting. That's one major problem no one wants to talk about.

Well if you people listen to folks like Roger Noe and Silas House and Doug Doerrfield, all of Eastern KY, just not Harlan County, will be a ghost town.

hal rogers should be impeached.

Again, lets take a look at the facts. The only money spent so far on I-66 is in Patton and Rogers counties. I believe this is why they are for it so they can use federal money to build road in their area that there is no state money for.

We need to upgrade what we have before we pore millions and billions into new roads like I-66. This money could be used for 4 lanning 119.

All these projects you all bragg about are really known as money to no place but certain pockets. Wise up people, it is the latest U.S. craze in putting money into the special interests. Just like Iraq, drain the country, take away the middle class, and presto, you have wealthy people with one sub-serviant class. You must remember, Americans love slave labor, China is simply re-living the American Industrial Boom; Low
wages + big profits = wealthy class and a
yes master society.

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