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December 28, 2007


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If Afghany-land is so damn stable why are we still there? The surge has worked only in the sense that we win every Military engagement. A crook isn't going to break in your house with the cops sitting on your front porch, so things are better where we have placed more troops. We made a huge mistake by not finishing in Afghan. Everyone except King George and the few pugs that follow him know that.

A whole damn Division is more than a steady presence. Just wanted to point that out.

Anyone who believes that diplomacy had no place in peace making is off base. Further, someday, people will learn that nothing is concrete. Just because Bush said he would never negotiate with terrorists means in no
way that intelligent people will do whatever to protect their own safety. ie; why do the police in this country negotiate with kidnappers? Terrorism comes in many forms, and King George and Prime Minister McConnell are just now learning this.

The Taliban should have been eradicated when we had the chance! You never negotiate with terrorists because if you do they will repeat their actions because the last group was recognized. Not paid just recognized! North Korea is a prime example of terrorists that flare up every few years to get a few billion to shut up. The Taliban is a cancer and they're on the lose.

Most people in the world today see the U.S as the terrorists of the world. I am glad that people continue to negotiatie with us. Of course, as said earlier, they only want money, and we usually pay, while we watch our own chidren suffer with little food and no...NO health insurance.

Alexander the Great couldnt defeat Afganistan and neither could the USSR. The US had a small window and missed it and now we will have commit to a SURGE there to finish the job. But we will probably turn tail and run because the countries infrastructure wont support halliburton or thier billion dollar contracts. No oil no long term commitment from the US.

No long term commitment? We have been there over 6 years!! Billions of dollars with billions more that went to Iraq. Afgtanistan would have been "defeated" if we had not have invaded Iraq.

Let's see, Ah,,,we are hated by the people of Panama, the people of most gulf area nations, the people of Mexico, the people of
Cuba, wait a minute, we hate ourselves!!!!
48 million people with no health insurance.
I can't write anymore, I keep thinking about Bush and McConnell. Wait, gotta say it, our main enemy, Saudi Arabia. I pity anyone who disagrees.

So 12:21, our foriegn policy should be based on how well liked we are by other coutries we support with OUR tax payers dollars. A lot of those without health insurance are qualified for some form of gov. health program and haven't applied or don't know they are qualified, or are to lazy to work for it. How can you say mexico? Half of their country is over here. I guess that justifies you saying, "We hate ourselves". Dumb$%^

Cut him some slack. At least he dislikes Bush and Mitch.

Thanks for your follow ups, but we used to be admired, respected, and almost loved by most countries of the world.
Now we are the aggressor, and occupying force, especially in little defenseless countries that have no air force or navy. We
have lost it, and I fear we will never get it back. It..........RESPECT.

A couple of planes flying into two big ass buildings and killing 3000 civilians kinda gave us the right to be the aggressor. I agree that King George has cost us a lot of respect. I agree that we have went about this the wrong way. What I don't agree with is that we should be worrying about our popularity with other countries over our national security.

That is well taken 8:49. I concur and respect what you are saying. I just hope the day will come that we stop trying to police the whole world, and give our people health insurance and let our kids have a free education so that they will be able to
function and be good stewards of our nation,
and not be laying around, watching t.v. and
drawing a check. We have created monsters by
holding back funds to make good things happen. A free education equals good tax payers, not tax makers.

I don't mind my tax money paying a childs health insurance, food or anything else they need. I can watch a grown man starve to-death if he is to lazy to work.

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