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December 09, 2007


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Only those Senators & Congressmen willing to co-sponsot the SAVE Act should be given our vote.

The Save Act forces all employers to verify social security numbers. It's an "interior enforcement" bill that this country needs.

Get more details at NumbersUSA and send a free fax to your elected reps. asking them to co-sponsor this revolutionaty new bill. Thanks.


Horne better have his shit together on this issue. They are ready calling him a one horse wagon.

Who is they? That's the repub spin. During his Congressional race Horne was as well versed and prepared as anyone on the issues.

If illegals could vote which party would they choose? The one with an economic development plan, you know tax breaks and creation of jobs out of thin air. I am positive that COL. Horne has a brand new bag for everyone. Glad to be one that has a green card and can get past Schedule C. Heck after all the foreclosures I am going to expand both here and in my home country. Tis the season of silver and gold.

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