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December 05, 2007


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If we are in this thumb up ass position during the first week of the new year, I will start to freak. Many conservative Democrats are saying that our so called potential candidates seem a tad scared. I know what Col. Horne is doing and he is the only one with an excuse.

Conservative Democrat - oxymoron
Not Thumb up ass - Head up ass
COL Horne - Could not be promoted. Has plan for World Peace.
TAD SCARED - Never take a clear position on any subject

Dr.Rick you make about as much sense as Stumbo. Grab those ass cheeks and give your facial muscles a turn because you talk straight out of that ass way too much!

I am one of those oxymorons Dr.Dick.

Greg Fischer.

Word has it that Brandon is not going to run for his old office, and chuck meade will try again.

Nice that crazy TED SCHLECHTER is out promoting Greg Fischer

It appears that SEKY has a gift for gab, or is it babble. Hey which face do you show in public ? We can all see the double wide from here. Grow up, face reality, and buy a set because you do not own one now. We all thank you for you insight from the darkness of the fudge tunnel you live in.

i have heard some inside info that Josh Hall will run for the 95th rep race he could throw a log in the tracks in that race Greg, Chuck , and Brandon with Josh be a busted up race

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