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December 17, 2007


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You had me at "Stongest Supporter of Iraq". Does anyone think Mitch's strong support of King George will influence Kentucky voters? I'm skeptical.

Anyone foolish enough to believe that Mitch McConnell can win re-election should not be allowed to procreate. 42% of the whole American population wants to stop fraud,corruption, and abuse. Yes, I know the Dems have their problems. But who in their right state of mind wants to f__k their own children's future. Also, cut
all the bull s__t about how much money the Bushman has, it will not get him re-elected. Howdy Doody could beat Mitch. LOL all you want. Let's see what happens.

3:19 It would be truly foolish to underestimate Mitch.

Is he more vulnerable than he ever has been… YES. Is the DNC etc… more interested in KY then they have been in years… YES. Does Bush hurt him almost every time he opens his mouth… YES.

But, Mitch has a $10 million dollar head start, can raise unlimited amounts more and he is the smartest, most experienced, hardnosed pol in the state right now. Worst of all he’s up on TV right now with these warm and fuzzy “Oh how great am I” spots and can run positive straight through to May before he has to go on the attack.

Can he be beat? Yes! but we have to be as united in ’08 as we were in ’07. We need a candidate as disciplined and smart as Gov. Beshear and we can not take anything for granted.

I love how mitch says we need to keep a "steady flow of funds" in Iraq. We are spending millions an hour, over 100billion a year. Ofcourse some things are getting better. American soldiers win every encounter. That place has thousands of years of fighting. We can't just walk in and make them eat apple pie.

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