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December 22, 2007


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Should we file this one under the category of Republican progaganda:

Jack Murtha- "the surge is working..."

Afgany land has exploded again. Iraq was the war cry and they diverted troops from the north to make the US feel better about the south. Now we are getting flooded with taliban. Diversion not solution!

This debate goes in cycle... now the Afghani red herring pops up again...

Meanwhile, the evil Repugs have gotten to Harry Reid and actually have him spouting Repub progaganda:

From Reid via PBS- "the surge certainly hasn't hurt. It's helped. I recognize that."

"Afghani red herring" You better watch your mouth! And Screw Harry Reid. Lets find out how many Kentuckians have come home in body bags pal. Nothing but a McConnell suck. Hell even Mitch wouldnt have called it a Afghani red herring.

Here we go w/ the faux outrage again. The idea that Iraq has severely cost us in Afghanistan and in the broader war on terror that we're engaged in (you know, the ones you guys deny we're in... or acknowledge we're in and want to fight via good deeds) is indeed a red herring, a canard, if you will, to make us forget that you guys promised the surge would not work.

Now it's working and you want to distract the American people into either thinking it isn't or to make us think that it is at an extremely high cost. No sale on either one, just like you get no traction on any defense issue. Americans recognize cut and runners when they see them.

For someone that has had friends die in the Middle East and has a brother going to Afghanistan in 2 weeks, I was pissed at your red herring comment. I have a CW2 that would have knocked you out if you had said it to his face. Ask the 101st in about a year if all the cash going to Iraq has cost us in red herring land. Your fire burns hot Jonathan, but sometimes too hot.


Can the BS fax outrage stuff. Nobody said Afghanistan was a redherring and you frankly know it. I like you but you have a bad habbit, my friend, of spinning innocent comments into insults. What I said, and what I maintain, is that this stuff about Iraq hurting the effort in Afghanistan is a red herring.

I really wish you'd take the time either:

A. Read what I write.


B. Cut out the fake outrage.

The fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan are one in the overall war on terror. You started out by opposing the surge by saying it wouldn't work. Now that it's working you're falling back on "well it's working, but it's hurting us elsewhere."

It is how you write it guy.

I never said the surge would not work, I have been quiet about Iraq because of my business. Quite frankly, my problem with the war is the death of American soldiers and billion dollar contracts for GOP butt brothers. I know what is going on over there and like the saying goes "war is hell". It is time for Iraq to take care of Iraq, but I do understand the overall strategic role of Iraq.

Next it will be Iran because Iraq worked out so well! Or that will be the excuse and we will have to take it like caster oil. Like they say "war is hell". One little secret the civilians don't know is the fact that we have been at war with Iraq and Iran for 18 years, they just don't realize it. The stories I could tell, but those nagging non disclosure agreements suck don't they!

You think the fund diversion from Afghanistan to Iraq is not hurting the effort in Afghanistan? As the black turbans gather in the hills at this very moment, I predict Afghanistan will occupy the news in a few months. You're wrong sir, dead wrong.


I think they're both seperate fronts in a common war. We have to win both. It's that simple. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to do what it takes to allow that:

[From All Headline News]-- The United States military is at risk of not having enough money to fund its Iraq and Afghanistan war operations, said U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Gates warned of budget constraints for the war operations, and the situation is hampering planning.

This week the U.S. Congress [led by liberals Pelosi and Reid] approved a budget that is less than half than what U.S. President George W. Bush had asked for - $555 billion, including $70 billion for the war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


You make some excellent points, but how soon you forget those that have paid with their life for a war for oil.

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