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December 20, 2007


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There IS no budget crisis. Beshear is poor-mouthing to accomplish four things:

1.) Increase taxes. He can say that he is opposed to tax increases but he has no choice but to call for them.

2.) Increase fees. Julian Carroll is already talking about filing a bill in the Senate to do just that.

3.) Get gambling passed.

4.) Fire Republicans in state merit jobs under the guise of eliminating positions to cut costs.

You need to take your meds 10:30!!!!! Youre telling me the entire government is in on some extraordinary conspiracy to achieve the 4 goals mentioned above?!!? You frigging Republicans are in desperate need of some therapy.

The current budget shortfall and the $28 billion public employee benefit disaster present an opportunity to do this right. The financial controls in the Kentucky Department of Education are horrible. That is the place to start looking for extra money.

I'll be ready to start talking about depending on casinos for revenue the day after we shut down all state social programs or ban Kentucky residents who are on any kind of public assistance from gambling in Kentucky casinos.

Thats impossible and the controls required to police it would be immense! Think about the possible percentage Kentucky residents that could fall into this category and it mirrors the fight for the ban on domestic partner benefits, less than half a percent on the program. Republicans are master at creating the wedge issue by taking small numbers and amplifying them to create a social issue. Witchcraft and political spin!

No, 11:01, my point is that casino gambling isn't worth the effort. It won't be that hard for David Williams to kill the bill.

$2 billion infusion in 4 years, Beshear could be quite the earner if given the chance. Fundamentalists in the general assembly will never allow this bill to pass. 11:01, the ban on domestic partner benefits will pass 90% to 10% in the house and even more in the senate.

Kentucky values are intolerance and short sightedness.

It takes some pretty serious rose-colored glasses to really see casinos bringing an extra $500 million a year into the General Fund. Everything would have to go perfectly for the casinos, Tennessee and Ohio would have to stay out of the game, and there's that pesky little detail about this model counting the increased social costs as "zero."
Considering the realities here is an important prerequisite to a worthwhile conversation about this.

It seems to me the income shortfall is not good news. The D's knew what kind of condition the state Treasury was in before Steve Beshear was elected. There were many post on this blog referring to such.

This entire presentation of "poor,poor me" is suspect. Many posters have already expressed their concern as to why this information (press release) is so important, when it is not new information.

Suspect here is the HORSE LOBBY, KEEP. Brer Jones is behind this move and has been since its inception. Three failed attempts to get the Casino issue to ballot have occurred in the General Assembly.

A new technique was devised when this failed. And, that was the CASINO issue must be tied to a candidate for Governor. And, now it is . . . but only for a possible vote on the constitutional amendment.

Nothing in Steve Beshear's campaign record indicates that a vote to bring this issue to ballot indicates this issue was approved by the voters. To the contrary.

Now, the new administration feels the "push back" coming on the Casino Issue and is posturing for the right public relation moves and a brainwashing by the press.

To change the constitution to accommodate gambling, to support state income is wrong.
If there is a deficit as large as has been reported, then this is fuel for POOR,POOR ME.

All this reporting, about the income from the Casino issue ,is not legitimate. This survey was bought and paid for by BRER JONES and KEEP. We, the voters, citizens have no way of knowing the legitimacy of the polling as it was paid for by THE HORSE lobby.

The term SHOCK AND AWE was used during the Bush Administration to prepare us for a quick victory in Iraq. You may think that not relative, but think about this. With the sights and explosions that were witnessed on TV . . . perhaps we were suckers to let this movie style image, make us think, we would be in and out in a short time. So, SHOCK AND AWE was used as means to sell the war.

This current statement, issued by the Beshear Administration . . . is it SHOCK AND AWE, in order to sell the public on the need for more money and the best way to solve that is with Casino Gambling?

I worked under four Governors in Kentucky and I can say with certainty, what the government reports MANY TIMES is not a true and clear message to the people. It is perception, created to sell an idea that the public may not buy in to. Or perception used to clean the spotlight so it will shine favorably on a politician.

So, for you that feel this is all a bunch of crap, continue to post and raise hell. If it gets loud enough, who knows, maybe someone will listen.


Jim Anderson Stivers
Frankfort, KY.

11:01 How goes the budget picture in Illinois and Indiana? You left that out for some reason..an oversight i'm sure.


The issue about Casino Gambling has been around for a while. It failed to get committee support three times.

The election of Steve Beshear was not about approving CASINOS, it was about the right to vote on the issue. And that is all.

CHICKEN TAX is a tax where politicians can pass a resolution or the proper structure to allow a vote for a tax the many General Assembly members already know their is opposition to. To stretch Beshear's election as a mandate to APPROVE CASINO'S is just not true.

I see all kinds of post of why we should add this burden to 2 million Kentucky citizens, that is half our population, but I rarely see anything about the social, psychological and crime issues.

If we are to have this vote then there should be posted clearly the known down side of CASINO GAMBLING.

If Casino Gambling is approved and we get the slots and the roulette wheels, then confirmed scientific reports indicate of those 2 million players, 60,000 will become compulsive Gamblers. How do we pay for that and what will be the cost of treatment.

This does not count the family pressure brought on by lack of money, due to someone in the family, blowing the the money with a simpleton mentality. THIS TIME I AM GOING TO HIT IT BIG.

Finlay, if it means anything to posters:

The New England Journal of Medicine reports from scientific study that gambling addition if the NUMBER ONE MENTAL ILLNESS in America.

i dont think they change the casino regulations...becsuase they didnt want to...

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