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November 10, 2007


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I'm sorry...IT IS foolhardy to believe a Democratic candidate could sneak into office in that county in a race for state rep. Save your energy and passion. You'd sooner turn Knott and Floyd red than Whitley blue.

Siler was a Democrat before he got his ass kicked in the early 80's and switched to Republican. No one will replace old Charlie.

Charlie was never a democrat, however look for his son to run for that office. Watch out for Charlie signing up to discourage any contenders and his son filing and Charlie dropping out..

First I ever heard of Charlie being a dem but he has a plan to keep the Siler tradition alive, you can take that to the bank.

Bob Terrell almost pulled off a blue win last year for Judge Exec. A Democrat can win if they sale themselves as following the same rules as Republicans. North Whiltey is not a problem it is the corrupt southern Whiyley vote that kills the dems here. Get around Williamsburg and wala

CJE is a much different office. There've been lots of Dem and even Indy CJE's in Eastern KY... Leslie County, Owsley County. Laurel County (the latter two now). State Rep. is a different race altogether. Whitley and Laurel voted for Fletcher over Beshear. How on earth is a state rep candidate going to lose down there.

I'm sorry, this is as close to impossible as they come.

Jonathan your pessimism is not contagious. Harlan elected Johnny Turner and that was also considered impossible. The Democratic party needs shot in the arm in Whitley and the race may be a long shot but if we gain a 5% or heaven help us 10% Democratic registration gain we win, even though we may lose. I will never back down from a fight, even when I KNOW it will get bloody.

Of course Fletcher carried Whitley, Bill made sure of that. When casinos become law, Whitley will be first to have their conservative hands out.

Knowing him personally, I think Bill Nighbert ought to move back home and run. His problems in Frankfort won't hurt him at home. His son's travails might, but most everyone recognizes the Frankfort indictments for the politically-motivated attacks they were.


Sounds like you're running and that's fine. But you should look over the history of the old fifth before putting too much hope into it.

A Republican can occasionally win in those light blue districts. Bush won Harlan and Perry. The issues, as they move up the ladder, usually favor Republicans in those elections.

But on a night when Ernie Fletcher got trounced he still won 55 to 45 in Whitley. And Stan Lee won by nearly 20 points.

I frankly don't know of a time when a Democrat served in any post over the county level in the old fifth (outside of Perry or Harlan County.) I'd love to hear about it... surely it's been done? Where are our amateur historians?

I was thinking about it but another personal agenda will keep me from running this time.

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