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November 28, 2007


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jackleg is a Mark Nickolas term

Around here we call it "jakeleg."


Speaking of disturbing, are you familiar with Roger Noe's views on coal mining? As recently as October he laid into Beshear over mining, called strip mines "nothing but mud pits at or near the tops of mountains,” and said that the entire region is being abused by a band of “profiteers”.

Of course Noe's so called profiteers are coal interests. Are Dems really ready to nominate a guy who's anti-coal and maybe a little anti-Beshear to replace Mongiardo?

How is that anti-coal?

The few people who control the coal industry are giant millionaires. The few. The band of profiteers.

gmail address is writing that crap to you? I bet it's from Washington DC.

2:23, Brandon won't have to spread it. Noe wrote it in a newspaper whose primary circulation area was Perry County. So it's already out there.

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